Birth of the Future; my name

I was conceived on the day of the Sunless Morning, minutes after the alarm had gone off. Or, maybe conceived isn't the best word. More like, I was implanted; a child of Forces purity and Outsider filth.

It wasn't until six months later that they had found my mother's body, swollen in death and pregnancy. Instead of following regulation, and burning the body, child and all, the Commanding Officer, Jason Handle had instructed the Medic to remove me and make sure that I survived the trip back to Headquarters. A decision he would not live to regret; he was given the ultimate penalty for disobeying protocol, even as I was welcomed into the Forces.

The Medic, Lana Richmond, was very hesitant as she approached the corpse of the once great Selma Peters, noting automatically that the decomposition of the body suggested that the other woman had been dead for over four days. Perhaps, if she was lucky enough, the bastard child would be dead already, and she could avoid court marshal.

The body jerked, startling Lana. She had heard of post-mortem muscle spasms, but never this long after death. The body jerked again, bringing the short woman's attention to the abdomen, which seemed to be rearranging itself. "Shit on that idea," she grumbled, moving closer and putting a hand on the strangely warm skin.

She had heard that Outsider infants could survive more then any of the Alignment, but to live even with the death of the host--for that was what she thought her fallen comrade to be, a host for a parasite--for more then a day… it was simply not possible. The Outsider's were different, but nit so different as to not be subject to the rules of mortality.

The stomach began to twist and turn, as if the thing inside knew what she was there to do, and was responding. For a moment, she considered just incinerating the baby and walking away; lying to her CO. They were both already dead Sir, nothing I could do. But, the idea quickly left her head as if it had never been; she had been programmed never to disobey what a CO dictated, she knew no other way.

She had never seen an Outsider baby before. Would it cry like a normal one, or would it sit stoically awaiting it's fate Would it need to be constantly cared for, fed and changed and taught, or would it simply know. Would it be noble and good, like it's Forces half, or would it murder her where she stood? She shivered at the thought.

Pulling a LazerKnife™ from her pack, she snatched her hand away from the moving stomach. She would do her job, but she would not have to like it. With a low *click* the Knife was open, and she quickly ran it in a circle around the area that made up the bulge. She would not be careful, she didn't want the child to live. She had a feeling that this creature--this child, was a bad omen. She was hardly ever wrong about these things.

With a yank, she had the infant out of the suddenly cool body, and with another quick pass of the Knife, she had sheared off the umbilical cord, cutting so close that there would later be no belly button.

Taking out a cloth from her pack, she cleaned the thing off, wrapping it in an insulator blanket after check for the sex. It was a girl. She looked up at her savior for long moments, as if unsure what to make of the blonde woman. "I suppose you want a name," Lana grumbled, unnerved by the stare. She thought for a moment, then seemed to decide. "Dominique; it means, belonging to God. Because only God will accept an abomination like you."

The child--now Dominique--seemed satisfied. She looked up at Lana for a few more seconds, looking thoughtful. Then, almost as if she had realized something and come to a decision, the tiny girl closed her large brown eyes, threw her head back, and began to wail.