The Inevitability of My Emotions

Disclaimer: This was written in anger, sadness, and fear: my own inevitable emotions. This belongs to me.

A rage that consumes me,

That rips me apart.

A rage that destroys me,

Without end or start.

A sadness that takes me,

That ravages all.

A sadness that kills me,

Why did I have to fall?

Fall so far, like an angel from the heavens,

To plummet into the flame's of hell.

A sickness that afflicts me,

That lives in my brain.

A sickness that devours me,

And it leaves nothing but pain.

An emptiness that inhabits me,

That eats me alive.

An emptiness that ruins me,

But why must it thrive?

Thriving off of the pain and fear I hold,

To live on forever off of the inevitability of my emotions.