Duman Ojarji

Chapter 31: Defence

The small band of armoured demon approached Hill de Cof's mansion with the sole purpose of searching for the child. Order to search ahead they had easily slipped pass while the puny defenders were busy being surrounded. Among the thousands that were attacking it was more then easy enough for then to slip past.

As they approached the clear metal clanking of their armours rung through the empty street of Morgal, in the distance the battle could be heard and from not far away smoke was arising from some sort of amazing explosion. The demons could feel it in their guts, it was a magic thing that had happened, undoubtedly Re'got since he was about the only got left in all of Stira.

The demon came to a quick stop when four dumans appeared at the mansion gates armed with little more then short swords, which even seemed to be old and rusted. They're armour was none existent replaced clothing that more resembled a jesters clothing. The demons were more shocked by the brightly coloured appearance then threatened.

"You will not pass!" Yor shouted in a pathetic attempt to speak the complex demon tongue, although he seems good enough for the demons to start laughing at the command.

"Yeah" both the twin duman said in unison.

With lighting speed the demons drew their giant barbaric weapons. Four of the demons charged forward while the remaining five took to the air all heading towards the four dumans hoping to end this quickly and continue their more important mission.

The four demons fell to the ground as fast as they had taken off all with long silver arrows, which somehow seemed to have been able to penetrate the thick demonic helmets, and their skulls. The demons that charged forward where too busy preparing to kill the four half breeds to care for their dead companions and were dealt the same fate by the same silver arrows.

One of the demons continued to charge forward, apparently unhampered by the arrow but a few more in the skull took him down, causing his corps to almost fall on Zoz who in reply screamed like a small child as the demons sword fell right next to him.

"Damn Elor can you even shoot?" Zoz shouted angrily waving his tail.

"Well sorry" V'll'us said poking his head out of one of the trees inside of Hill de Cof's mansion. "We Elor aren't as good as our cousins with bows and arrows."

"Why do we even have to be bait?" Yor grumbled as he and the others dragged the demons corpses through the gate and threw them on a large pile of dead demons hidden just behind the walls.

"Just keep on fighting" Azon shouted as the armour the god Azon hand given him was already covered in blood and chip marks.

The demons had boxed them in! The bastards were too smart. They were attacking from behind now while even more pored in from the front. It seemed endless, useless. Human, Elor and wolf blood mixed below their feet to such an extent he almost slipped with every step and after every punch he made, but the bloodied ground didn't seem to affect the heavier demons at all.

In rage Azon summoned the boon of his father Apok and with one punch sent one demon crashing into about twenty other demons, since they were so close to one another, with such force their bodies were crushed in their armours, but forty more appeared to take their place.

Azon was forced to take another step back and he hit his back against the remaining defenders. Perhaps he could survive, with the blood of the gods flowing through him, but these people behind him that fought with such vigour even now, they would die, and there was nothing he could do. Was this truly battle? Was this the means of all wars, to watch others die endlessly knowing you could do nothing. Even if he could fight off these demons Azon, could in the distance, see more demons but this time they already had their boons summoned and seemed to wait for the right moment to attack.

With lighting reflexes Azon jumped in front of a sword that was aimed at a rather badly injured Elor next to him. The sword stuck his armour and formed a rather small crack.

In a thunderous scream Azon summoned the boon of Lekra and released a rather devastating lighting strike, but that like everything else was useless against the almost endless number that continued to poor in.

Azon closed his eyes and started randomly punching everything in front of him, knowing all too well that everything in front of him was demon. Azon finally stopped when he only started hitting air.

"What?" Azon gasped as he opened his eyes to see the human Serigan surrounded by giant metal and wood machines piloted by the dwarves, clearly noticeable by their badly kept red and short bulky bodies.

'The general caught on to their strategy. He sent me and the dwarven machines to help you here, he was worried you wouldn't be able to handle it" Serigan said as an large metal spike flew passed his head, fired from one of the machines, and impaled a demons behind Azon. "The fighting's not over yet, let's show these bastard demons, no offence."

"None taken" Azon said and turned to face the enemy that came poring in from the wall. "What off the Elor king and wolf leader?"

'Oh the general wasn't worried about them, but a few of the dwarven machines were sent to both of them" Serigan said and pulled out his sword.

"And what of Hill de Cof, has he abandoned his post?" Azon asked, since the soldiers that were suppose to be with him were now here.

"No, he's still there."


Hill de Cof raised his giant bloody sword and rested it on his shoulder. "Is that all?" he shouted with a sadistic smile.

A bow and arrows covered Hill de Cof's back, along with yet another giant sword behind the bow and arrows, and finally was his trade mark spears, but this time they seemed large and had a far heaver chain in stead of the cable.

The street Hill de Cof stood in was completely covered in demon corpses, and the walls of the building were painted in blood, demon blood. Hill de Cof's cloths were ripped and his metal armour was visible beneath. His overly long elven ears were hidden below his hair again which he tied behind his head, amazingly no demon had been able to loosen the thick cloth had bound his hair.

"IS THAT ALL!" Hill de Cof shouted in the demon language. "COME ATTACK ME!"

Hill de Cof smiled as the top of the wall was covered by demons, thousand of them, all of whom quickly followed Hill de Cof's command and charged forward towards the waiting elf.

"Defend the sides" the giant man-wolf Worof shouted as his claws continued to rip through the Stiracin armour. "They try and slip passed us."

His daughter, Cica translated for the human, since the Elor spoke the language of the wolves quite well they instantly listened.

The demon numbers might have been endless but Worof's was more then a match. Human laid down covering fire for the demons that attacked from above, the Elor stood in front on the edge of the wall and killed demons while they climbed, not even giving them time to put up a fight. The wolves stood behind and killed any that got passed Elor. The dwarven machines fired into the demons who were at the base of the wall. So far only demon had died under Worof's watch, the master strategist was once again showing his skills.

With all the speed and strength Ojarji could manage he flew forward, Morgal was now not too far away, he might even be their in time to help out, but undoubtedly there was already an attack underway. The child was there, the demons knew it and they would not stop.

As Ojarji flew a black dot on the horizon became ever larger until Ojarji recognized it. With little hesitation Ojarji flew toward it, even if he tried to fly around it or avoid it he was already seen, and would be followed so it was better to get this over with.

A demon that looked almost family of Azon Apoz floated in the air. Like Azon his skin was blue and his features human like, but unlike Azon his eyes were a pitch black, and he had both two large demonic wings and a blue rat like tail. The demons left hand seemed to have been cut off from below the elbow and now a quite large sword seemed to have replaced the missing limb wrapped in pure white bandages and the other hand sported quite large deadly claws, another difference between him and Azon. All across his limbs were gold rings with ancient scriptures written on them.

"I knew you would come this way," the demons state with a smile as Ojarji stopped right in front of him.

"Stix, I thought you were dead," Ojarji said.

"Well you did break both my wings and threw me off the side of Kora, so I guess I can't blame you" Stix said with a smile. "But the rumour of my demise have been greatly exaggerated."

"You really should just have regenerated that thing, I'm sure you could just have used the boon of Lin, last time I saw you did master it."

'Yes, well this does serve as a reminder" Stix remarked admiring the fine demonic blade.

"So you're still angry about that?" Ojarji asked.

"Well I was left handed after all" Stix stated. "Well so you're going to Morgal I presume."

"Yes, but I must ask what are you doing here?" Ojarji asked. "This does seem a little out of place for you."

'Ah the Great Gate Guardian Stix you knew is no more. I was supposed to kill you twenty thousand years ago. Let's say Koraidic was quite pissed off at me, I was the one who allowed you to slip away and banish him with that dirty angelic magic."

"Well it had to be done" Ojarji said in his defence not really putting in too much effort to convince Stix.

"Yes, well I was able to flee, mind you broken body and all. Luckily after Koraidic was banished all of Stira fell into chaos, so it wasn't that difficult. I was able to join the Sor Guild. So when the scaled bastard Mirok hired some of us I inquired and kept my ear to the ground. But don't worry I'm here on my own, not working for Koraidic."

"But still, I bet you want me dead" Ojarji stated.

"Yes. Revenge is the only reason I have lived so long" Stix said still with his smile. "Just like it was back then isn't it. Me standing in your way, you with no other choice then to fight me."

"I guess."

'But before we begin" Stix said and his smile faded and his tone became more serious. "Why, why did you banish Koraidic?"

"Because of what he did to Rino."

"No, that is a lie. When Rino was banished it started the Great War, the war you fought in for the demons for quite a few years. I know there must be a other reason, why did you not fight your father the day he banished Rino, why wait all that time?"

"I was… I was afraid."

"Fear, but of course you are human, in part at least, and please don't give me the best part stuff. So now was it fear that drove you to fight for your father? Was it fear that made you kill all those human and angels?"


"One more questions then. That day, that day you crippled me and banished Koraidic, that day I saw something in your eyes, true rage, anger without limits, endless and unrelenting. What caused it?"

"Why do you ask these questions?" Ojarji asked.

"Because, you no longer have your seal, I can see it, you should probably do something about your shirt it's simply in rags. I will most likely die today, but that's okay my soul will find another vessel, be it either through reincarnation or possession but I will live on. I simply wish to know these things, they have plagued me for so long."

"Rino even in the void could still see what happened, she saw me doing all those things. She saw me as a coward, a weak little boy too afraid to stand up for what was right. The person I love the most hated me. How could Rino ever care for someone like me who committed such atrocities out of fear of death? Even after I joined heaven in the war it was still not enough, I knew Rino still hated me. It was not anger at my father but at my self that you saw that day. I wished for some sort of release."

"You wanted your father too kill you" Stix said.

"Yes, but then the angels arrived at Kora. Ju'alduna, commander of heavens forces, gave me the spell to banish Koraidic. At the cost of all his fellow angels lives he gave me the spell. It was only the right thing for me to do to banish Koraidic, but even then it was out of mere desperation."

"Does Rino still-"

"I don't know."

"Very well then" Stix said and rubbed one of his gold rings. 'Let's get this over with."

"I'll have to go all out, I am after all in a hurry" Ojarji stated and summoned the boon of Ava but seconds after the red tattoos appeared they disappeared. "What?"

"A tol'zal" Stix said with a wide smile across his demonic face.

"Impossible I did not hear my muttering the spell" Ojarji said and attempted another boon, but the results were the same.

"I use item magic" Stix laughed. "You see these rings are imbued with magic, magic I can summon by simply touching one of the rings."

"But that also effects you, you too use boons" Ojarji remarked.

'Wrong!" Stix cried out with a smile. "I have not used a boon for over ten thousand years, all I use is my magic items. I have grown quite fond of them. You see Ojarji without your fathers boon you cannot use his endless powers and with out Rino's boon your melee is useless, and all you have left is melee."

"I see you really have prepared" Ojarji said and drew the twilight blade.

"To bad you're not like your brother" Stix said. "He truly has become powerful, driven on by you. He was always weaker then you because he didn't have Rino's boon so he trained himself harder."

"I expected as much, and next you're going to tell me he's also in Morgal."

"Yes, that too. But you should know he has surpassed even you now. He is not a master of the boons he is even more then that, he has learned to use then as if they were his hands. Even if you beat me, you stand no change against him."

"Well then I guess we'll just have to see" Ojarji said and flew forward.

Quickly Stix rubbed another golden ring. Stix shot forward with such speed he was nothing more then a blur. Ojarji was met of guard by hundreds of punched, before he was grabbed and flung to the ground, all in less then a few seconds.

"Increased speed" Ojarji smiled after he hand been able to land safely. "Caught me off-guard there" Ojarji swung around and blocked several punches from Stix, who had apparently snuck behind Ojarji with his speed. "But my half-god powers have almost completely awakened!"

Stix shot himself back and touched another golden band and from his hand came a giant wave of flames. Ojarji shot himself into the air missing the inferno but when he rose above the flames he came face to face with Stix.

The two blades stuck each other with lightning speed. Ojarji and Stix both tested strength and steel against one another as their glares met one another.

"Nice sword" Stix growled.

"Made by Azon" Ojarji answered.

"Mine too" Stix said and pulled his sword away before activating another golden band that shot a massive ball of compressed air forward.

The almost invisible attack stuck Ojarji and sent him reeling through the air. When Ojarji regained control he was just in time to parry yet another attack from Stix's hand-blade.

Quickly Ojarji released one hand from his sword and punched at Stix. Stix grabbed Ojarji's fist and shot his skull forward and connected it with Ojarji's sending the half divine duman yet again falling to the ground.

Instinctively Ojarji short his wings wide open and safely landed yet again. His forehead hurt but it wasn't like Ojarji hadn't felt worse, Hill de Cof had done far worse.

From above an inferno of flames came down on Ojarji. Quickly Ojarji flew forward as the surrounding area was scorched by the intense flames.

Stix shot forward with his enhanced speed toward Ojarji, who had already spotted him coming. Stix swung his blade at Ojarji but already Ojarji had dodged to the left and counterattacked with his own sword. With lightning speed Stix blocked but the force of Ojarji's swing sent Stix into the flames he had created.

Quickly Ojarji touched down and tightened both hands around his sword, this wouldn't be over quite yet.

The flames were blown away as another wave of compressed air raced toward Ojarji. The attack was close to the ground so Ojarji was easily able to see the ditch formed by the almost invisible attack and was just able to dodge taking to the air.

Hearing a sword cutting through the air above him Ojarji shot forward and swung around to see Stix, could he really move so fast? Ojarji launched himself off the ground and cut right through Stix. Stix's body faded away, a mirage, an illusion.

Yet another Stix charged toward Ojarji and again Ojarji cut him through, causing the fake to disappear yet again. Quickly Ojarji blocked another blade from above but the blade, in a ghostly fashion, moved through his sword and disappeared along with the rest of the illusion. Ojarji quickly swung around in the air and saw that he was surrounded by fake Stix's, with the real one hidden among them.

Ojarji flapped his wings and rose above the army of illusion. If he could make some space between them he could at least lessen the change of being cut down from behind by the real Stix.

With the same unwanted result Ojarji attempted to summon the boon of Ava again but again the To'zal stopped him. If he could summon the boon of Ava a large enough energy attack could take out all the illusion and leave only the real Stix, but what wasn't going to happen. Seems thing would have to happen the hard way.

Ojarji gripped his sword and lightly smiled, he had a plan. Ojarji flew toward the army of illusion. The army did likewise and the two met each other halfway. Ojarji quickly started relentlessly swinging at the illusion cutting down around five or six in a single swipe, but all he seemed to be cutting down was illusions.

Suddenly a massive pain shot through Ojarji's back as the Stix's blade penetrated through his tough skin. All the illusion disappeared as Stix grabbed Ojarji long silver hair.

"I was expecting something a little better then this from you" Stix growled. "I was hoping to die in a blaze of glory. You're so weak, pathetic. Even without your little boons you should at least still have your fathers strength."

With a smile across his face Ojarji looked at Stix. "Who are you calling weak? I'm not the one using illusions. You know just as well as I that you don't stand a change hand to hand."

"Hold your mouth" Stix shouted.

Another golden ring was activated and Ojarji could feel the grip on his hair massively increasing, easily ten times. Stix pulled his blade out of Ojarji's back and started to swing around, still holding onto Ojarji. With his new increased strength Stix violently threw Ojarji to the ground.

With a loud and powerful crash Ojarji struck the ground with enough force to kill any man or demon that didn't have divine blood running through their veins.

So he can't use his speed and strength at the same time, Ojarji though as he stood up, guess I'll have to take things up a notch. Stix is a lot better then I thought, guess I wont be able to go easy and save some strength for when I get to Morgal.

Stix landed not far from Ojarji and the two looked each other in the eyes.

"Who's weak now?" Stix asked.

"Three things" Ojarji said with a smile resting his sword across his shoulders with his left hand. "One, I just realised you can only use two ring at a time, that means you can have supper strength and speed at the same time, since you still have the To'zal active. Two, I was hoping I wouldn't have to go full out with you, I was thinking that I would ten to one have to fight my way into Morgal and with only around seventy percent of my full strength awakened it's not going to be that easy. Three."

On three Ojarji opened his right hand and revealed several golden rings in his hands.

"What!" Stix shouted and looked at his arms and saw several of the golden bands gone. "You, you wanted me to catch you!"

"Pretty much. Now you can no longer use your illusion, your flames, air attack and quite a few others as well" Ojarji said and crushed the rings. "Guess all that leaves you with is strength and speed, let's see who is really the weakest."

"Then meet your end!" Stix shouted and flung himself at Ojarji.

Before Stix's words had finished echoing Ojarji's fist had already met his face, and his sword hand already penetrated right through Ojarji's left shoulder. Ojarji grabbed tightly onto Stix and swung around and threw the blue skinned demon right toward a jungle not to far from the plains they were fighting in but not before stabbing his own sword through Stix's shoulder.

With little in the way of a second thought Ojarji followed Stix into the forested following the trail of broken trees left in Stix's wake. Ojarji stopped when the trial ended but quickly a yelling from above drove Ojajri's attention to the falling demon above him.

Stix's hand blade met Ojarji's sword. Stix was the first to punch with his only hand and Ojarji quickly followed suit countering by striking Stix's fist with his own. The two fists opened and there hands locked as they entered the final stages of their strength test.

Above the silence of the forest Stix released a murderous scream and lifted Ojarji off the ground, while still keeping his sword and hand locked. With all his strength Stix charged forward bashing through several trees using Ojarji's back as a battering-ram.

A quite large boulder proved strong enough to stop Stix rampant charge. Ojarji head-butted Stix but too little more affect then causing Stix to smile. Ojarji lifted his one leg and kicked Stix in the gut causing the blue skinned demon to be lifted off the ground.

The two blades separated but Stix held on for dear life with his hand. Ojarji quickly swung around and bashed Stix right through the large boulder, causing Stix's hand to finally release.

With a loud thud that was almost muffled by the thick undergrowth Stix struck the ground. Ojarji had already charged forward and yet again the two's blades met.

"You're better then I thought" Stix growled as he's hand moved toward yet another gold band.

With lightning reflexes Ojarji ducked and shot himself forward hitting Stix in his mid section sending the demon crashing through a rather large tree.

"Bastard!" Stix shouted and finally rubbed the gold ring.

The ring was quickly covered in white sparks that spread out and covered Stix'x whole body.

"Copying the boon of Ava now?" Ojarji asked.

Without giving an answer Stix yet again charged forward. As he charged he passed a tree, which was instantly cut down by a single one of the sparks. As Stix closed in on Ojarji, Ojarji raised his hand and showed yet another golden ring.

With a mighty scream Ojarji's body was covered in the white tattoos of Rino. Stix released a thousand streams of sparks toward Ojarji who charged forward dodging each one, as if he knew ahead of time where they would be. Ojarji stopped right in front of Stix and dodged to the right as a large white spark shot up from below the ground.

In a last attempt Stix threw a white spark covered fist and Ojarji but Ojarji already started to dodge just even before Stix had started throwing the punch. In one single cut Ojarji sliced Stix in half.

"No fair" Stix growled as he's light blue blood run from his mouth. "With that boon I never stood a change, just like last time."

The boon of Rino disappeared as Ojarji looked at Stix. "Sorry but I had to end it quickly."

"Still, unfair. The ability to see into the future, to predict your opponents every move, that is the power of Rino's divine revealing light. Even if you can only see five second into the future that still more then enough."

"Die in peace" Ojarji said his farewell and ended Stix's life.