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Chapter Three: Escape.

Many years passed, and all happened exactly as The Lord from the other world had foreseen. Kai and Eia remained imprisoned in the strongest, most infamous and most forbidding of all the Angelous fortresses. Gradually, they forgot the face of their mother and father, and why they were imprisoned.

Until that day when the twins were six, when a high-ranking Angelos woman had been conducting a safety check on the dungeon. She had noticed the twins, and at the sight of Eia's small white wings, had instantly taken pity on her, and had requested leave from the fortress master to adopt the small Angelos- as she deemed the girl. The original fortress master who had been there when Kai and Eia were first put in the dungeon had died a few years before, and so the present one had not a clue why such small children were being imprisoned, but he deemed it unimportant, and had granted her wish.

Then, to Kai for some reason, all the memories had come flooding back to him the moment that he heard that he and his sister would be separated. Although he was still small, he had realized that this was a chance for his sister to lead a normal life once more, and so had urged her to go. Afterwards, he had been left in the dungeon for ten lonely years, forgotten and forsaken. But not quite totally..

For, just a few months after his seventeenth birthday, something happened.

The day had started out like any other. Kai had been sitting in his cell, as usual, thinking about nothing in particular. He had awoken from a strange dream in which he had chased a masked person through a maze with walls of fire. Whatever the dream meant, it had left him feeling a bit uneasy, although he had no idea why.

The guard had come in normally to give him the foul mush they always gave him to eat, he had locked the door behind him, the other sentry marched up and down outside. Everything was normal. Therefore, it came as quite a shock to him when something actually did happen.

The first inkling that something was wrong was when he heard the sentry outside abruptly stop. There was always that slow step, that sound of black boots hitting the stone floor made, but now it just stopped. Then, there was a series of noises. A sharp ping, the sound of something metal hitting stone, then a muffled snort. Then nothing.

Kai raised his bowed head a little. Any change in the dull variation which made up his life was fine by him; and he was curious. But, as the seconds passed, and there was no sound, he gave up, shrugged to himself in the gloom, and then went back to staring moodily at the floor.

"Damn and blast it!"

Kai's head jerked up. That voice..there was something familiar about it, something he couldn't quite put his finger on. A cord jangled in his memory, the sound of his father's voice..however, he was given no time to think about it, because whoever had cursed was working up a full head of steam.

"I don't believe it, by Ikol and Elfenbarauge I don't! This is just so typical! I get the map, I follow the bloody instructions, I suffer all sort of humiliations, then what do I do? I go get lost! Great! Way to go! This sucks! And I think I attacked the guy a little over-enthusiastically, though." There was a thump, followed by a muffled groan. The owner of the voice had apparently kicked the guard. The voice continued, getting almost hysterical. "Ah, damn it! Even Dazabeme couldn't get out of this bloody maze! (Dazabeme was the God of journeys, he had supposedly been to everywhere on Geara, and so never got lost.) I can't believe this! Well, it's just too bad for these losers, if I don't find him soon then I'm gonna just go confront the boss here instead.."

Kai was more puzzled than ever, but excitement was coursing through his cramped body. This person- whoever he was- was bringing back memories he had forgotten, mostly of his father. He hadn't got a clue what was going on, but it seemed good. Any enemy of the guards was his friend!

"Hey!" came the voice, closer to him. Apparently he had seen the door of Kai's cell. "Hey, is anyone in there?" he was calling in.

Kai wet his lips nervously. He could feel the hands of fate working here. "Y-yes." He called out.

"Oh, thank Latea, Ikol, my own brain and anyone else who may want to take credit! Have you heard of a prisoner named...well, actually I don't know his name, but never mind. He's either late sixteen or early seventeen, uh...he may look a bit like a Demonos, but I think he's got white wings. Ah sto dialo! (that was a curse in the Demonos language.) People coming! Gotta go! Have you seen him?"

For a moment Kai was so shocked he couldn't speak. This man was looking for..him.

"Yes. It's me." he said numbly.

"WHAT?????? Alright! I knew it! My brain never let me down! Wahay! I am so good! Damn, if only this poxy window weren't so small, then I could see you. I'm-"

But he interrupted himself. "Guards!" he hissed. "Alright, if you're near the door then get away, fast!"

Kai had barely time to register the fact that he was CHAINED to the wall near the door, and he could hardly get away from it while he was tied up. He tried to call out, but was drowned out by a loud rumbling.

The next moment, the whole world exploded.

The explosion nearly killed him. It would have, had it not been for a thick protruding ledge of stone next to him that shielded him from the worst of the blast. As it was, he had only time to shake his ringing head dazedly, and only time to see a burly demonos dart into the room, through the remains of the doorway, fighting of a couple of guards.

As the demonos turned round, he gave a moan of dismay and dashed to Kai's side, reaching him just as his wounded head dropped onto his shoulder, and Kai slipped away into merciful, comforting, painless darkness.

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