The Bad

how can i be myself
inside the beautiful

the parts are cast,
our lips are shaped,
and fate is written
word for word.

the instruments are imagined
by the calling of the crowd,
who assumes, who predicts,
what player will succeed.

how can i sing
my song inside the
beautiful play?

my costume may
be dull and plain,
yet my heart speaks
rhymes inside thy ear.

my sleeves are
long with mystery
that hide my knives
and lies.

thy crowd is crafty
raging and engaging,
my difference they
yearn to contain!

how can i scream
inside the beautiful

my mask is set,
the hall is full.

thy hands i raise
are waving wild,
and i am painted
with the night!

all quiet ye!
all silent ye!

these are my lines,
my truths foretold,
good people!

the lines is drawn
between the stage
and crowd.
just a simple line,
to fall into a pit of
vines and smiles.

how can i finish
yet inside the
beautiful play?

i play the young.
i play the fun.
i play the lie and truth.

my lines name pain.
my truth is vain.
my voice is innocence.

i be the bad.
i be the beaten.
the prey and the soul
jeered and cheated.

how can i...

how can i be the good
inside the beautiful

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