Angel of Vampires

Sunset falls over the city
Shadows loom in the allies

I watch from the
tops of buildings
The creatures of the
Night come out.

I watch with hatred,
But with a pang of

I hear people scream
As they see these

I smile slowly and walk
to the edge of the
I start to jump and
I nearly reach the other side

But I fail, and I start to fall
I hear the hungry cries
of the creatures

But as I start to fall
A strong hand grabs me
I close my eyes as I'm
pulled up.
What doom awaits me?

I'm on soild floor
And I open my eyes

And in front of me
there he stands
the king of vampires

I freeze, my heart has
stopped beating
He is so beautiful
beyond words
Tall, dark brown hair...

He looks like a beast
but that can't be fair.
He catches my gaze
And I start to cry.

He steps closer
I shy away
He grabs my arm
And pulls me close.

He parts my hair
exposing my neck
I whimper quietly

He strokes my face.
And smiles slowly
bearing fangs.
He whispers
"It won't hurt."

He bites my neck.
It starts to hurt
then goes numb
He smells of sweet

He stops and licks his lips
I tremble but he keeps me close
I feel myself go cold.
I knew I was
becoming one of

I feel fangs sprout
And hear new things
When it was done
he looked at me

Slowly he kissed me
It was so sweet
He brought me closer
to him.

And said:
"You are now the
Angel of Vampires."

He let me go
And started to leave
walking away, slowly
he turned around
and watched me

I cried, tears and blood
I now was a vampire
The Angel of Vampires....