Pieces of Rhetoric

What happens to a question asked

If given no reply?

Does it vanish, like a grain of sand

When gales of wind blow by?

What happens to a joyful smile

When blurred by tears of woe?

When banished away by bitterness

Where does happiness go?

What happens to a person's trust

After he is betrayed - ?

When promises are broken

Before they are even made?

What happens to a first romance

When lovers are forced apart?

Of what becomes the love they shared

When anger claims the heart?

What happens to a raindrop

When it hits the scraggly ground?

Does it make a stabbing splash

Or does it die without a sound?

What happens to a friendship

When the bonds that tie grow frail?

Do backs turn and roads diverge

Or does loyalty prevail?

What happens to the sunshine

When the darkness fills the night?

Does it try to fight the time until

Surrendering its light?

What happens to unspoken words

Suppressed and never said?

Do they live in mind as memories

Or are they forgotten instead?

And what happens to this poem

When you read the final word?

Do you simply turn and leave

Or has its message been truly heard?