It's 2013 and the population has doubled in the last ten years. Cities and suburban areas have expanded to overflowing status. Pollution and smog cover major metropolises day in and day out. There are about a dozen underwater colonies on the ocean floor and two more are in the making. Though there isn't a food shortage the World legislature has put a proposal on the floor to have the colonies to grow 10 percent of their food by the end of two years.
Colonization of the ocean floor began on January 1, 2010 with the Sushi colony off the shore of Japan. Turtle and Dolphin were in 6th Grade. A month after Sushi, China opened its first colony, Chang Dang Bang. That's when the fighting and the terrorism began.

Right from the start the ocean floor colonies had critics, most of them Conservatives and Republicans; the Greens and the Democrats were all for the alternative live and with their huge increase of power in the World Legislature, they were urging the U. S. and other countries like India and Germany to build one to, to relieve the stress and traffic in the Metropolitan areas, so they say. And the U.S. agreed with them, because the Greens gained a substantial amount of power in the U.S. and the country was otherwise Democrat. So in March 2010, the U.S. opened the Prevailing Liberty Bird and two weeks later, Germany opened Bratwurst.

The World Legislature was split in half, the Conservatives against the Greens. The Ocean Colony War broke out not soon after Bratwurst because the U.S. and Japan were fighting over the Pacific right after Sushi opened. Everybody knew that no one was safe on land, due to the unfortunate advancement in weapons of Mass Destruction, and they flocked to relocation centers to sign up their families. Much to Turtle's despair half her 6th grade class at Queen's Mercy Parochial School in Queens, N.Y. moved to the U.S.'s first colony, Prevailing Liberty Bird nicknamed PLB for short. However the U.S. was not safe from the terrorism that began during the war.

The Terrorist began small, short circuiting Sushi's power, and faking an anthrax scare in Chang Dang Bang. With each act, the mysterious terrorists left a letter explaining why the colonies are wrong and signed the letter, "U. C. A. O. C." or United Citizens Against Ocean Colonization. However no one has successfully tracked them down. Instead President Colburg (2008- 2012, 2013-) gave the colonies money for the special equipment in case of an attack and the Drills. The Drills did not come cheap because of all the people and energy involved. But they actually work. In early 2012 the World Legislature Ocean Colonization Journal published a study of whether or not Drills work. The study showed that over the past two years, the death toll of an UCAOC attack slowly fell and during the months when the World Legislature did operation Drill Every Day Right Before School, which was a huge success especially among the children, the death toll fell sharply.