The Ocean Floor Experiment
Caitlin Walsh

After a stiff night, everyone in the high school was able to go outside and check the damage. The lake, a pond once before, had now turned in a deep, vast swamp. The buildings right across the street from the lake were damaged. Also at the other end, the park was completely destroyed, much to the dismay of the younger kids. People emerged Monday morning to find the slides totally gone and the swings twisted up really bad. The Mayor cancelled school at least until Thursday, but it wasn't holiday since everyone had to clean up.
On Wednesday, they had a group memorial for the people who lost their lives. Including Whale, the death toll was 235 dead and found with 23 still missing. Whale had been found, a few blocks from the lake, laid to rest by the water on a rooftop. Shark took it in stride because he believed that he wasn't a murderer. He consoled himself that he tried to pick up Whale. But he was glad that Whale wasn't here to torment him anymore.
However, Shark let the authorities try to find out themselves that Whale and Jake caused the fake drill. So far they hadn't. Dolphin conveniently 'forgot' that Whale dumped her and wept freely at his funeral.

"Come on, Dolphin. I'll take you to the mall," Turtle said.
Dolphin ceased crying instantly and together they went to the mall.
Shark approached Whale's parents. "I tried to save Whale by dragging him away form the water but he wouldn't let me. He really hated me."
Betty, dried eyed, and Jake both thanked him quietly.
After Whale's funeral they had other funerals and soon the kids were in school again and life was returning to normal, or as normal it could get at the bottom of the ocean, again. Jake turned himself in after Whale's funeral and is in prison for two years. Betty stopped drinking and is working in re-entry for the prison. Shark transferred to a gifted child school and will go to Harvard when he is 16. He and his parents are living comfortably. Turtle and Shark are dating. Turtle and Dolphin finished school together and are going to the same high school. They plan to go into ski business together, Turtle managing a resort and Dolphin designing ski fashion.
And so life goes on.