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In a dark, narrow alley voices are heard. Shapes appear out of nothing moving along the walls and sitting on the crates stacked in along the bricks of the old Buildings; A group of young boys from the ages of 15-17 where concealed in the shadows in the dark, dank alley. One boy, about 17, was sitting on a large wooden crate with a large white print of a rat along the side he was laughing with the boy beside him probably telling a joke or something his dark eyes were gleaming with amusement he had almost white-blond hair that was spiked. The boy in front of him was about the same age maybe a year younger he had the whole skater boy look going for him with dark brown hair and chestnut eyes. Another shadow appeared to be behind the first boy but this shadow's face could not be seen only dark brown eyes were seen once because they sparkled when a car's headlights went by. Shadows moved in the alley for several more hours till finally my watch was done and could move back to my gang's own territory.