"I'm not even gonna argue with you, all I did was ask you a simple question," Avani said walking away from her mother and towards the front door.

"Where are you going?" her mother asked her walking towards her, "Are you going over to that boys house?" Her mother was referring to her boyfriend Deiondre, who lived about fifteen minutes away.

Avani gave her mom a "you make me sick" look.

"I'm going for a walk," she said closing the door behind her. She had walked a few blocks when she ended up in front of her best friend's house. She walked up the steps to the two story white house. The wooden porch had a WELCOME mat positioned in front of the door. Avani rang the doorbell and was greeted by Mrs. Houston.

"I haven't seen you in a while," she said moving aside to allow Avani to come inside, "how are you?"

"I'm fine," she smiled, relaxing in the warmth of the house. She had been coming here since she was barely two years old; it was like her second home.

"How's your mother?" Mrs. Houston asked again heading towards the kitchen, "would you like something to eat?"

"No thanks. She's same-o same-o."

"JARELL!!!" she yelled, "your mother and I haven't seen much of each other either. I need to give her a call."

"JARELL!!!" she yelled again.

"Damn ma, I'm right here," her best friend said with a serious face until he turned and saw Avani sitting in the living room couch.

"What up chipmunk?" he said smiling and sitting next to her.

"Chillin," she answered with a sad face.

"Ya'll had anotha fight?" he asked her immediately picking up her tone of voice and facial expression.

She nodded her head and her eyes filled up with tears. When ever she had a fight with anyone or felt down she would always go to Jarell, he had always been there for her ever since Pre-K and vice versa. She trusted him the most.

"Awww," he said pulling her into a big bear hug and her tears soaked the front of his t-shirt.

"All I did was ask her if I could go out of town wit Deiondre and his family, then she started bitchin about me getting myself in trouble with him, and of course I had to defend myself and him. She swore I was disrespectin her," she sobbed.

"But Chipmunk, you know she gon act like that, you're her only child. much less her only daughter."

"But why she gotta trip like that J?"

"She jus wanna protect you I guess," he said as she raised up her head to look him in the face. He was smiling.

"What's so funny?" she asked with a frown, "I'm sixteen, she need to give me my space."

"Nah, not that," he said laughing, "you got eyeliner all down ya cheeks."

"You coulda told me instead of jus starin," she snapped using his shirt to wipe her face.

"Ey!" he jerked back, but it was too late, there were black smears all over his white t- shirt. All he could do was laugh it off, "Anybody ever told you that you look cute when you get mad?"

"Fuck up," she said smiling and walking up the stairs.

"Where you goin?" he asked running after her.

"Where it look like nigga? Upstairs."

"I said you could come up here?" he asked picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" she said as they reached the top of the stairs.

"Jarell," they heard his mother say.

"Yea?" he turned around with Avani still over his shoulder.

"I'll be back, I'm going to go see Diane," she said heading towards the door, "Ya'll don't hurt each other." Diane was Avani's mother.

"Aight," he said turning around and heading towards his room. When they got in there, he threw Avani on his bed then sat down next to her.

"You been workin out," she said looking at the weights that Jarell had in the corner of his room.

"Mmhm," he said grabbing the remote and flipping through the channels, "need to for basketball."

"Ain't dat for football?" she asked trying to pick up one of the weights.

"Don't matta, you need to work out for any sport. With football you jus gotta do more conditioning."

"Damn this shit is heavy," she grunted putting the weight down.

He laughed at her and went over to his closet to get another shirt to change into. "Yo weak ass!"

"Whateva," she said jumping on his back and rested her chin on his shoulder,"gimme a piggy back ride."

"Girl, if you know what's best fa you, you betta get off me," he joked.

"Come on Relly, you know you want to," she said whispering in his ear.

When they were younger, he would always give her piggy back rides and when he didn't want to she would say the same exact thing, but when she said it, it was like she was just saying something. But now that they were older, the way she whispered in his ear turned him on.

"Come on," she said excitedly bouncing on his back, "when's the last time you gave me a ride."

He smiled, "Lemme put mah shirt on first."

She slid off of his back and watched him as he took his shirt on. She'd seen him take his shirt off in front of her before and walk around shirtless, but she felt a little weird, especially that they were in his room alone, which wasn't new to them. She felt herself walking in front of him so that they were facing each other. Before she could stop herself, she was kissing him. He didn't pull back either. She felt his tongue enter her mouth and then he picked her up and placed her on his bed. He laid on top of her, between her legs still kissing her. Avani's hands were running over the muscles on his back and arms. He moved down to her neck, and started sucking lightly. She let out a small moan and simultaneously felt his soulja salute her, which got her even more aroused than she was before. He began to unbutton her shirt and kiss her chest, where ever her bra wasn't covering. He slowly slipped one of her breasts out of her bra and slowly began sucking on her nipple. He bit her slightly and looked at her face to see what reaction he would get. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip, she let out another small moan. He slowly sucked and tugged on her nipple, then did the same with her other breast. He noticed that her bra could be unhooked from the front, so he did just that. He took a moment to look at them; he had never seen Avian like this before. Then he began to caress them softly, feeling how tender they were. He continued to kiss down her stomach reaching the rim of her jeans. He wondered if he should go farther, I mean this was his best friend. But he didn't have to worry much longer because his door busted open.

"What the hell ya'll doin in here?" his older brother Terrance laughed looking at them.

"Man get out!" Jarell yelled getting off of Avani as she scrambled to put her bra back on and button her shirt.

"Who woulda thought," Terrance said welcoming himself into Jarell's room, "you just couldn't hold it in no more could you J?"

"Dawg, why don't you bounce," Jarell said knowing what Terrance was getting at. He and his brother had had intimate conversations about how he felt about Avani.

"It's good that she knows how you feel about her," he said smiling at Avani.

Avani looked from one to the other trying to figure out what they were talking about.

"Nah," Jarell said wide eyed trying to get Terrance to get the signal to shut up.

"You want me to tell her for you?" He asked his brother.

"Tell me what?" she asked looking at Jarell and fixing her hair.

"Nuthin," Jarell said pushing Terrance out of his room.

"I should probably be leaving anyway," she said walking towards the door, "Bye Rell."

"Bye," Jarell said smiling.

She skipped down the stairs and made her way out the front door.

When she got home, Carolyn aka Mrs. Houston, was still at her house talking to her mother. She walked right past them and went upstairs to her room; she got in the shower thinking about what just went down with Jarell. She never once rejected anything he was doing to her, DEIONDRE! she hoped that he wouldn't find out about it. Now she felt bad. Avani allowed the warm water to run through her wavy, mid-back, jet black hair. Her mother was Black and her father was half Indian and White. She inherited her father's hair texture, dark caramel complexion, and hazel- green eyes (she looked more Indian than mixed). But she had her mother's features, almond shaped eyes, small nose, and slender lips, not to mention her height, 5 feet 2 inches, slim figure, and her mother's behind. The only difference between she and her mother was that she was a 30 B and her mom was a 36 B and could wear C if she wanted to.

When she finished, she came out and dried off. She lotioned and slipped into boy cut panties and a baby tee. Then she dried her hair and braided them in two pigtails.

As soon as she slipped under the covers and began to fall asleep, her phone rang.

"Hello?" she said sleepily and her eyes still closed.

"What up girl!" she heard her friend Alexandria scream into the phone, "I been callin you all night, where you was at?"

"Ova Jarell's," she said turning on her back.

"I swear ya'll need to hook up," she said, "ya'll fa eva wit each other."

"Well something happened ova there, but I'll tell you about it tomorrow."

"Uht uh! You gon tell me NOW, I wanna know what happened. Oh my God, ya'll fucked!!!"

"Alex, you so damn loud, no..."

"Oh shit, was he good?" Alex said, still yelling.

"Girl, we ain't get that far," Avani laughed at her friend. She and Alex had been friends since the third grade, "we kissed and then he started goin down on me."

"Uht Oh! He ate dat!" Alex laughed.

"I wish! He didn't even get to take mah pants off," she laughed, "his brother busted in on us."

"Terrance and his fuck ass, always interruptin things," Alex said disappointed.

"When he came in he started saying stuff like, 'So you finally told her' and Rell was like 'Nah', so then Terrance was like 'You want me to tell her for you?' I was like, 'What the hell they talking bout'," she laughed.

"Boogie prolly got feelings fa his home girl," Alex said.

Avani dismissed the idea, "Anyways, what did you do today?"

"Mario came ova," she answered, Avani could sense the happy tone in her friends voice.

"Lawd! Say no more... I already know what ya'll did," she laughed.

"Vani, we did it down stairs in the living room while mah daddy was in the kitchen talking on the phone!"

"Ya'll some crazy motha fucka's!" Avani exclaimed now opening her eyes, "that musta been some quickie."

"Doesn't matta, Mario is always at his best." Alex laughed.

Just then Avani's other line beeped, "Hol' up Alex," she said clicking over.

"Who's this?" Avani asked.

"You don't recognize mah voice Chipmunk," Jarell said.

"What up," she laughed.

"Yo, I jus wanted to apologize about earlier," he said.

"I should be the one saying sorry," she laughed, "I kissed you first."

"True dat, but still. I shouldn't have gone that far, you got a boyfriend and everything."

"You're not gonna tell D are you?" she asked concerned.

"Nah! Girl you crazy?" he asked laughing.

"So can I ask you a question?"


"What was Terrance talking about?" she asked smiling to herself.

"Yo, I'll see you in school tomorrow," he said quickly and hung up.

She clicked back over, but Alex had hung up.

It was 1: 27, she needed get as much sleep as she could for school tomorrow, or should I say later on.