I wanted to cry today
Let everything go
Admit all the feelings
That I'll never show.

I wanted to forgive him
For breaking my heart
And run into his arms
And begin a new start.

I wanted to tell him
All the things he doesn't know
How much I love and miss him
The emotions I never show.

I wanted to write today
A letter he may read
Tell him how many nights I cry
Over him, my heart still bleeds.

I wanted to be with him
Teach him how often I need his embrace
Tell him how often I close my eyes
And instantly see his smiling face

I wanted to pull him
Into my arms tonight
Needing him to love me back.
Clutch my heart ever so tight

I wanted to love him today.
Love him like I used to do.
Just wanted to say three words to him
Those simple words, "I love you."