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Everyone expects something from me

The force field between us all has grown

The circling gets bigger as the days pass on

The same cheery faces; standing around me

Why is this happening? I ask myself once more

As another witty remark pours from my mouth

Why am I so special? I ponder, smiling for the whole world to see

He walks by and I get weak;

The only weakness I possess

I keep the smile for good measure

See where it takes me, as I trace his position down the hall

Wondering where our popularity came from

"Our little group has always been

And always will until the end"

Knowing he's thinking the same thing too

A/N This poem will pass by as the wind; untouched, unscathed waiting for

someone to read it. It has no purpose in life; maybe it will help a poor soul out,

maybe it won't. Ok this is turning into a mini poem itself. I know this was already

posted but I think it's not so bad.