[She is the devil with smudged eyeliner and a smeared lipstick smile, and she kisses the angels that you have desecrated. Prick your finger and she'll bleed you dry, her own sleeping beauty. The worms feed on flesh, and you're not so sacred. She's got a Bible quote for every occasion, and she'll slit your throat in any situation.]

[I take thee to be my lawful wedded husband]

A little blade, a little blood

A little pain to make it good

[to have and to hold]]

A little love, some added suicide

You won't know until you've tried

[from this day forward]

I sailed the seven bloody seas

Whispered prayers into the trees

[for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer]

I heard your name and called it fate

And pulled you up a minute too late

[for fairer or fouler, in sickness and in health]

Your halo slipped around your throat

Your heart was too heavy to stay afloat

[I know you must be dead

Because I don't feel anything]

I kissed your lips and they were cider sweet

I caught your tongue and you called me a cheat

[to love and to cherish…'til death us do part]

My maid of honour was Pandora

Had considered Medusa before her

[Do you believe in fairies?]

And Lucifer was your best man

In holy matrimony we were damned

[I do, I do, I do]

Take your halo from your head

And with this ring, I thee wed

[and with my body, I thee honour]

Eye for an eye, turn the other cheek

Millions strong, and reasoning weak

[In the name of the Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit…