Shinobara Hazumi
By Hikari

Prologue: The Setting Days of Old

Have you ever lived to see what would have been the end of life as you knew it? Not many can say they have, but I am one of the few. I am a person of great past, but of no future.
Although the time has slipped through the fingers of the crippled and smiles of the youth, this story is eternal. I will tell you the truth about two Shinobara summoners that defended this world so very long ago. Although all official documents state otherwise, my account is correct. Unlike them, I was there; I walked the painful path beside them and I wrote my memories down here.

Act I - Seeking a Life of Virtue
It all began on a beautiful day in a small harbor town named Covetown. The sweet smell of the salty waters hung in the gentle breeze as the early morning mist swarmed the land at ease. Izanagi gazed out the window at the Ryoukan Inn, admiring all that he saw.
"Hey Izanagi! Are you going to sit around all day or make yourself useful?" asked the playful voice of his good friend, Joku, who lived and worked at the Ryoukan Inn.
Izanagi laughed, and returned to his breakfast. Izanagi glanced up at Joku, who was looking nervously through the Wanted ads.
"What's a matter Joku? Did you eat something bad?"
Joku shook his head and smiled pleasantly.
"I found a job that would be perfect for you, Izanagi."
"Oh really? What is it and how much would I get paid?"
"Well, the payment is anywhere from five hundred shards to ten-thousand depending on how well you perform."
Izanagi leaped out of his seat in excitement.
"Alright!! So, what do I have to do?"
"You just have to: travel to Laurel City, enter a contest of strength, win the contest, and finally be the new bodyguard for Princess Hikari and Princess Hoshi."
"Hmm, a bodyguard huh?"
Izanagi was starting to like the idea; after all, he had been studying martial arts and combat skills at Mortin's Dojo practically his whole life.
"That should be easy enough. Hey, do you think Taka might want to come along?" Joku asked sweetly between bites.
"Maybe. Hey, why don't you come Joku?" Izanagi asked suspiciously. Izanagi knew Joku extremely well and he would never turn down an offer to make tons of money, especially if it involved hanging around women.
"Me? I'd love to go but, I have the Inn to take care of." Joku looked away sadly as he muttered those words, which convinced Izanagi that he wasn't scheming anything after all.
"Well, I'm going to ask Taka to come with me. So this may be goodbye for awhile." Izanagi left Joku with those words, and stepped outside of the Ryoukan Inn and out into the streets of Covetown.
Covetown was a bustling harbor town filled with merchants and it's citizens. People were constantly stopping in Covetown to import and export goods, as well as to purchase some of the unusual crops grown in the town's farming region. Street vendors yelled out bargain prices at the people passing by all through the day and night.
Izanagi made his way through the crowded streets as he debated where he would look for Taka.
Taka is usually training at Mortin's Dojo, so I'll look for him there, Izanagi thought as he ran down the eastward path.
Within a few minutes, Izanagi reached the steps of Mortin's Dojo. Mortin's Dojo was a huge school of martial arts and combat skills governed by the Dragon Knights, the army of Laurel.
The outside walls were made out of marble and cut into amazing shapes and sculptures of heroes from long ago. The steps were long and wide that climbed up the great hill, where Mortin's Dojo gloriously stood. Above the doorway, hung the scriptures that the dojo was derived from.
Izanagi entered the dojo with his head held high. Upon his entry, he was greeted by fellow dojo members. Izanagi returned their kind greeting, and continued to pass through the dojo, heading for the kitchen. Izanagi suspected Taka to be hanging around the dojo's kitchen with Momo, a female chef there.
When Izanagi reached the kitchen, the sound of laughter echoed through the paper-thin walls. He entered the kitchen and was not surprised to see his spikey-haired friend flirting with Momo, as usual.
"Hey Taka!' Izanagi shouted to alert his friend of his presence.
"Hey, just in time Izanagi," Taka said happily as he lifted up a plate full of fresh fish.
"Actually I came to ask you if you wanted to join me on a quest," Izanagi teased Taka as he took a seat beside his friend.
Izanagi told Taka about the job and his plans; however, Taka was reluctant to answer to such a tempting offer.
"Well?" Izanagi asked impatiently.
"I guess I'll come along, it sounds like fun," Taka said with a smile.
"So you won't be back for awhile, Taka?" Momo asked as she scooped up the dirty dishes.
"I guess I won't be back for some time, if we are chosen to be these bodyguards."
"Well, in that case good luck Taka. Good luck Izanagi." Momo said cheerfully as she left the room with her arms filled with dirty plates.

Izanagi searched frantically through the crowds at the bullet train station.
"Hurry up Izanagi! The train's leaving in two minutes!" Taka yelled from his window inside the train.
"I'm not leaving until she gets here!"
Taka closed his window, but continued to watch Izanagi from inside it.
"Izanagi!" screamed a short blonde girl, who was running toward the station.
"Yuko! I was a afraid you wouldn't come."
"Don't you have faith in me? After all, I would NEVER miss seeing my best friend off on his trip."
Izanagi smiled, he could finally tell Yuko his true feelings.
"I'll be waiting for you, right here, everyday until you return," Yuko vowed.
"I hope you won't have to wait a long time," Izanagi whispered shyly.
"I don't think I could survive that long without you Izanagi, but somehow I'll manage."
"Yuko listen, I...."
"Izanagi! The train's going to leave in forty seconds!" Taka yelled.
"Yuko, I love you," Izanagi blurted as he hugged her goodbye.
"Guess what Izanagi? I love you too," Yuko replied with a smile.
The two of them embraced each other for the last few seconds until; Izanagi reluctantly left her arms. Izanagi glanced back at Yuko as he boarded the train. Once he was standing inside of the train, he shouted his final words.
"Goodbye Yuko. When I come back, or when I receive the money, I'm going to ask you to marry me!"
"Goodbye Izanagi, and when you do ask I'll be the happiest woman alive!" Yuko screamed just as the train's doors closed, but her voice echoed inside Izanagi's heart.

Slash, the loud clang of metal against metal rang in the silent hallway.
"Hiya!!!!!!" screamed a feminine voice as it's owner charged forward against her attacker. The woman swung her sword at her opponent, but to her surprise, her blade was deflected by her opponent's parry. Her opponent thrust his blade to her throat, but she parried his blade as well. Finally, the woman lunged at her opponent landing her blade against his armored heart.
"You've improved Lady Hikari," he whispered as he removed his mask. Underneath the mask, was an old man about fifty years in age. His hair was long and silver with white highlights. The man was rather tall despite his age, a mere six foot four inches he stood at least.
The woman pulled off her mask to reveal her face. She was the Princess Hikari, the crown princess of Laurel, and a summoner of the Shinobara Tribe. She had long brown hair that shimmered in the sunlight and eyes that were an intriguing hazel color. She smiled a radiant smile that was worthy of any princess. This indeed was the crown Summoner Princess of the Shinobara Tribe.
"Thank you, Master Kulukan," Hikari said with a smile.
"Bout!" yelled a woman signaling the end of the duel.
"Is it my turn now, Master Kulukan?" the woman asked anxiously.
"Yes, Lady Hoshi. Are you prepared for your FINAL exam?" Kulukan asked with a chuckle.
"I'm as prepared as I possibly can be, Master Kulukan," Hoshi answered nervously.
"Well let's get started," Kulukan replied as he pulled his mask back on over his face.
Hoshi nodded and nervously picked up her mask. Carefully, she slid the mask on over her short red hair; picked up her blade and marched to the center of the room to salute her opponent. After the salute, Hoshi pointed her blade at her target, signaling the bout to begin.
Hikari smiled as she watched her sister's bout. Hoshi was fighting her hardest and certain to pass Kulukan's final exam. Although Hikari was trying to support her sister, her mind would constantly wander. Hikari kept on daydreaming about what life would be like when she left the palace walls. She imagined herself traveling along the Laurel paths with everyone greeting her politely.
I hope my bodyguard is a cute guy, and not some insensitive creep, Hikari thought wishfully. Hikari felt that all her training would be in vain if she were guarded by some big headed macho man. Hikari sighed in disgust, why was it so difficult to find a decent man?
Hikari was so lost in thought that she almost missed Hoshi's winning hit.
The sound of Kulukan's praise and Hoshi's excitement alerted Hikari of Hoshi's victory.
"Bout!" was Hikari's delayed reply.
"At last, I have finally completed Master Kulukan's final exam!" Hoshi shouted thankfully.

"Hikari? Do you think we're ready to leave Laurel City on our own?" Hoshi asked nervously as the two sisters were preparing for their final summoning exam.
"We won't be on our own, Hana will be there," Hikari replied.
"Yes, but no one else that we are used to battling with," Hoshi whispered.
Hana Mihari was a famous female Dragon Knight; she was practically raised by Hermos, the guardian, trainer, founder, and caretaker of the Dragon Knights. Hermos claimed to have found her lying on the ignited branches of the sacred Tree of Flame. He was appalled at the thought of someone leaving their baby to die such a painful death, but when he examined her, he was flabbergasted to see that she was unharmed and protected by the sacred flame. Hermos felt as if fate drew him to Hana, so he took her in, as if she was his child.
There were rumors around Laurel that Hana had the ability to transform into a dragon as well as summon the dragon guardian, Hermos, at will. These rumors happened to be one hundred percent true, and Hikari had witnessed it for herself.
"Ladies, are you getting ready?" Kulukan chanted from inside the training hall.
"Yes, Master Kulukan," the sisters chorused between giggles.
The two sisters picked up their summoning talismans and scurried out into the training hall.
Kulukan greeted them upon their arrival and proposed a briefing on their final summoning exam.
"You're exam today will not only be graded on your accurate usage of the spirits, but also on time and your bonds between them. Thus, each of you will receive a different question that requires you to summon your best spirit to answer your query. Once you receive your answer, inform me at once and the exam will end. Are you ready?" Kulukan advised.
"Yes, Master Kulukan," the sisters responded.
"Alright, Hikari you're first," Kulukan ordered.
"Yes, Master Kulukan."
Hikari lifted her summoning staff into an upright position, bowed her head, and prepared for her orders.
"Hikari, summon the spirit that you have the strongest bond with and ask them a prodigious question that your heart desires an answer for. Please keep in mind that you will be graded on your prognostication," Kulukan commanded.
"Yes, Master Kulukan," Hikari proudly proclaimed.
In response, Hikari lifted her summoning staff and rotated it counter-clockwise as she chanted an ancient Shinobara spell. Her words made the ground tremble, the winds roar, and waters pound against the land. Kulukan smiled. She was performing very well.
"The enchanting waters and the fearsome darkness beckon you with my call. Grace me with your presence, Mistresses of the Night!" Hikari screamed with enthusiasm.
The ground broke apart in the shape of an ellipse only a few meters from Hikari's feet. Two pairs of hands reached out from inside the ellipse accompanied by a raging storm. As the raindrops splashed against the training hall's floor, two women flew out from within the darkness of the ellipse. These women were twins pledged to the depths of darkness that specialized in water projectile attacks and illusions. Their names were Mirage and Shadow, the Mistresses of the Night.
Their bodies were adorned with precious gemstones and their faces were painted different shades of blue and black. Mirage carried a sapphire mirror and Shadow held an orb of light. The two sisters turned towards Hikari and bowed respectively.
"What are you're wishes, Hikari?" Mirage asked with a smile.
Hikari hesitated. Shadow bent down toward Hikari and smiled sweetly.
"Go ahead make it interesting, after all this is your final summoning exam, isn't it?" Shadow winked.
"Can you show me the faces of those who are destined to become my bodyguards?" Hikari asked uneasily.
"Well let's see. I'm sure we could do something so complex as that," Mirage teased as she looked inside her mirror. Shadow cupped her hands and began to chant. A diminutive tidal wave flew from her fingertips and suffused the mirror with the enchanting liquid. The liquid fused with the mirror and slowly a fuzzy picture developed.
The picture revealed the faces of two confused men walking around in Laurel City. The men were foreigners, no doubt.
"Who do you think they are Hikari?" Kulukan asked as he approached the mirror.
"They're my future bodyguards from Covetown," Hikari murmured as if she was in a trance.
"Are they of Shinobara decent?" Mirage questioned.
"Yes, but their strength as Shinobara warriors is of little value now, but will grow in time," Hikari predicted.
Hoshi's eyes widened at Hikari's words. Hoshi slowly walked to the mirror and gazed upon her future comrades with fear.
"Umm, Master Kulukan? May we continue the exam a little later? I mean there's something Hikari and I forgot to do and it can't wait," Hoshi insisted.

"Hey Taka! Do you know where we're going?" Izanagi asked frantically.
"Relax, I can find this place no problem," Taka replied as he tossed his head from side to side.
"So, you're saying that we're lost?" Izanagi asked angrily.
"Well not exactly. You see real men don't ask for directions," Taka muttered in excuse.
Izanagi sighed. They had been walking around Laurel City mindlessly for hours, and they were still lost. The city was so gigantic and Izanagi's hopes of finding the Laurel Battle Arena were withering away.
As they continued walking through the streets, an amazingly large tree seemed to catch their eyes. The tree was so big that it looked as if it could reach the sky. The leaves were a fiery amber color that glowed in the early afternoon light. Izanagi smiled at the beautiful tree.
"The leaves of that tree are so beautiful that they look like they're on fire, wait they are on fire!" Taka yelled.
Izanagi and Taka ran toward the tree with such speed that they didn't see the two hooded women walking in front of them. With a loud crash, Izanagi and Taka collided with the two women and sent the four of them crashing to the ground.
"Hey are you two okay?" Taka asked as he leaped to his feet and offered to help the two women up.
"We're fine thank you. May I ask why you were running so fast?" the long brown haired girl queried.
"We saw this huge tree that was on fire," Izanagi replied quickly.
"Hey you're foreigners aren't you?" asked the red haired girl.
"Yeah, how did you know?" Taka asked.
"Because, that's the sacred Tree of Flame that marks the Dragon Shrine," the brown haired one giggled.
"Oh yeah. I forgot about that," Izanagi murmured in embarrassment.
"It's okay. Hey do you want to go with us to the Dragon Shrine?" the red haired girl asked.
"What's the Dragon Shrine again?" Taka whispered.
"The Dragon Shrine is the headquarters for Laurel's army, the Dragon Knights. The Dragon Knights got their name from their trainer and founder, Hermos, a dragon that was born from the Tree of Flame long ago. Most of the knights train and work there when there isn't some big battle to fight. The place is a huge tourist attraction," the brown haired girl educated.
"Okay for a minute, but could you direct us to the Laurel Battle Arena?" Izanagi asked impatiently.
"Sure, but why do you want to go there? Wait, are you two auditioning to be the Princess's bodyguards?" the brown haired girl asked excitedly.
"Yeah, that's the only reason we came to the capital," Taka said indulgently.
"Oh? Well that's nice. Good luck," the red haired girl said mirthfully.
"Alright, enough chatter, let's go!" the brown haired girl shouted as she took off running for the Dragon Shrine.
When the four of them arrived at the Dragon Shrine, Izanagi was infatuated with the beautiful Dragon Shrine. Statues of dragons and warlords decorated the gardens surrounding the Dragon Shrine. The Dragon Shrine itself was shaped like a dragon's head. The Tree of Flame was planted beside it to create the illusion of a dragon breathing fire.
"This place is so cool!" Izanagi yelled excitedly.
The two girls smiled modestly with approval as Taka slowly approached the two women.
"We've seen the Dragon Shrine. Now will you tell us where the arena is?" Taka impatiently asked.
"If you keep walking down this road you'll see it. The Battle Arena is a huge stadium filled with people, so you can't miss it," the brown haired one replied
"Thank you very much. Come Izanagi, we shall be on our way," Taka replied.
"Okay. Can you tell me your names before we leave?" Izanagi asked.
"I'm Hi---, I mean that's confidential," the brown haired girl laughed.
"What about her name?"
"It's confidential too, but will you tell us your names so we can root for you at the arena?"
"I guess that's okay. I'm Izanagi and that spikey-headed jerk over there is Taka. We're from Covetown."
"Well goodbye Izanagi, Taka. Good luck."
Without anymore words, Izanagi and Taka disappeared from view and headed for the arena.
Meanwhile, the brown haired girl pulled down her hood to reveal her face.
"If my prediction was correct, then they will be our new bodyguards," Hikari whispered.
"Then there's no time. We must find Hana quickly," Hoshi replied.
"We'll split up and if we can't find her in ten minutes, then we reunite at the arena."
"Got it."
The two sisters separated and ran into the Dragon Shrine to search for Hana.
Inside the walls of the Dragon Shrine, a young female Dragon Knight named Hana bowed before the sacred altar. She prayed with all her heart for her journey with Hikari, Hoshi, and the others to be safe and fun. She prayed for the safety of Laurel's citizens in her absence, and for her foster father, Hermos. Hana lifted her head and stared off into space.
Only about ten minutes before that tournament begins, Hana thought pleasantly. She smiled as she straightened her short blond hair with her fingers and rose to her feet.
"I swear on my honor as a Dragon Knight, that I won't let this journey be in vain!" Hana yelled as she left the Prayer Room.

"Hana! Hana! Hana! Where are you Hana?" Hoshi screamed as she ran through the silent corridors of the mystical Dragon Shrine.
"Hoshi? What are you doing here?" Hana called out as soon as she stepped out of the Prayer Room.
"Hana! Hikari had Mirage and Shadow foretell the people that will become our bodyguards! We met them outside the Dragon Shrine just where Hikari predicted them to be!" Hoshi blurted out.
"What are you talking about?"
"There's no time, the contest is about to begin."

"So this is the Almighty Laurel Battle Arena? Not too shabby I have to admit," Taka criticized.
"What are you talking about Taka? This place is great!" Izanagi argued.
"Izanagi, you're so easily pleased."

"Isn't that amazing? Our competitor, Blaine, just took out three of our toughest monsters with one magical blow! The crowd is loving him, but will our summoners love him?" the tournament announcer's voice boomed across the stadium as the crowd cheered.
"I can't believe it. That Blaine guy has made it into every round with more points than both of us!" Taka screamed.
"Relax Taka. The Blaine guy will lose his touch in the end, trust me," Izanagi replied coolly.
"Oh yeah, why do you want to earn all this money for anyway, Izanagi?"
Izanagi blushed, "Well, I want to use it to start a family with Yuko."
Taka smiled, "Yeah, you always were pretty fond of her. I got to hand it to you Izanagi, you've inspired me to use my money to propose to Momo."
Izanagi smiled happily as he whispered his silent prayer.
"Please let me win this, for Yuko."

"Hana, what will we do if they don't win or if they get injured?" Hoshi asked frantically.
"Relax, we'll think of something, if that happens," Hikari whispered soothingly.
Hana lifted her Dragon Spear onto her shoulder and marched forward to address the crowd.
"The princesses already know who they want to win. Maybe this win will be a ladies choice," Hana cheered to the crowd.
"Hana, did you think that was necessary?" Hikari asked as Hana returned to her seat.
"I give the crowd what they want to hear, that's the job of being the tournament announcer."
Hikari sighed, she wondered if Izanagi and Taka would end up being her bodyguards after all.

"You're fighting skills are marvelous! The crowd loves you, but sorry Blaine; we have two competitors ready to steal your fame. Please welcome Izanagi Kawato and Taka Masaki, two of our toughest competitors from Covetown."
"Hana! That's them!" Hoshi yelled as she pointed down at them.
Izanagi and Taka looked around the arena nervously. The stadium was filled with people demanding some hard-core battles. Laurel's code of arms was painted on banners that waved high in the sky. In the center of the arena, were three cages filled with monsters. The monsters snorted and growled at Izanagi and Taka. Their eyes glowed in different shades of red, full of anger and fury.
"Release the monsters!" Hana yelled.
The crowd cheered as the monsters were released. There were four monsters all together, one cockatrice, two imps, and one hydra.
"Taka! Watch out for the cockatrice's petrifying eye!" Izanagi advised as he drew his sword.
The hydra slithered quickly across the arena's floor, hissing and snapping at anything that crossed its path.
"Izanagi! You fight the hydra and one imp, don't worry I'll get the rest!" Taka yelled as he dashed towards the sly imp.
Izanagi glanced over at the remaining imp; it was staring at the hydra and laughing insanely. Suddenly, the imp leaped on top of the hydra while shrieking its irritating laugh.
Izanagi watched as the hydra approached him; when the hydra was about ten inches away from him, the hissing beast whipped its head in an attempt to disarm Izanagi. Izanagi dodged the attack and slashed his blade through the hydra's neck, decapitating its head. The crowd applauded Izanagi for his victory. Izanagi climbed on the headless body of the hydra to meet face to face with the remaining imp. The imp grinned at Izanagi and laughed insanely, as he ignited his hand with flames. Izanagi turned his hand to a slight ninety-degree angle, and slashed the imp in his abdomen. The imp cried out its last irritating laugh as his entrails began to seep out from his wound.
"Taka!" Izanagi shouted as he glanced at his ally in distrust.
Taka had defeated the second imp earlier on in the bout, but the cockatrice was still fighting despite the large amount of throwing knives erecting from its head. Taka constantly had to shield his eyes to keep from being petrified, so his aim wasn't at it's best. Izanagi realized his situation and quietly stepped behind the cockatrice, raised his sword and thrust it through the beast's neck.
Blood and feathers flew through the air from the strength of his thrust as the cockatrice's head fell to the ground. For about two minutes, the cockatrice's headless body ran around in circles until it finally fell to the ground in eternal repose. The crowd cheered for their victory as the two of them returned to the waiting room to await their next battle.

The battles raged on for several hours, slowly each fighter was eliminated, until only Izanagi, Taka, and Blaine remained.
"Congratulations to the three of you that have made it thus far, now, your final test remains, defeat me and victory is yours!" the announcer shouted.
Blaine laughed as the crowd cheered.
"This will be a piece of cake, after all, I'm going to fight a woman," Blaine muttered sinisterly.
From the Royal Viewer balcony seats, Hana shouldered her spear, and leaped off the ledge of the balcony seats and fell down into the arena. As she fell, she whispered a mystical phrase as her body transformed. Black-scaled wings grew out of her back, two shiny black horns protruded from her scalp, and finally, a long black tail encircled her half-dragon, half-human body. Her body glided to the ground where she smiled her menacing grin.
"I am Hana Mihari of the Dragon Knights. Now do you think you can defeat me?" Hana bellowed.
"Isn't Hana overdoing this a bit?" Hikari asked uncomfortably.
"Yeah, but at least she's having fun," Hoshi replied.
Hana laughed evilly, as she swung her dragon spear. Blaine smiled and attacked her with his two spears, which Hana easily deflected and knocked out of his hands. Hana then approached Izanagi as if she didn't want to fight.
"So you are the famous Izanagi Kawato that I've heard so much about," Hana muttered.
"What do you mean?" Izanagi whispered.
"This morning, Princess Hikari predicted that two men from Covetown would fight in this tournament and win the right to protect her and Princess Hoshi. She late announced that their names were Izanagi and Taka."
"That can't be....How could she have known?" Izanagi wondered.
"Our princesses are wonderful summoners, oh I forgot to tell you that I can summon too," Hana taunted.

The battle between Izanagi, Taka, Blaine, and Hana lasted for hours. Hana would only hint at her true power by deflecting blow after blow, but refusing to attack.
"I'm getting tired of your weakness. I'll attack you this round and leave you all begging for mercy," Hana vowed.
Hana attacked Blaine first; she used a simple drop kick that sent his body flying across the arena. Taka was next; she punched him in the stomach, sending him falling to the ground as the crowds cheered. Finally, Hana raised her hand to chant a familiar spell, Fire Lance. The clear blue sky immediately darkened with her chant. Several spears and lancers appeared in the sky ignited by flame. As she swept her hand to the ground, the flamed lances fell to the ground striking her three opponents and rendering them unable to battle.
"That's not fair! She used magic," Hoshi gasped as she glanced over at Hikari who was stepping toward the ledge.
"What are you doing Hikari?" Hoshi yelled.
"I'm going to help them," Hikari replied as she leaped off the ledge.
"Hikari!" Hoshi yelled as she leaped down after her.
As the two of them came closer to the ground, a mysterious fire beast appeared from the south. The beast was covered in burning hair and had two curved horns, one each side of his head. The beast reached out its arms and caught each summoner. The crowd applauded as the summoners thanked the beast.
"Hana, what are you doing?" Hikari screamed.
"I am testing them as you ordered," Hana answered proudly.
"Hana this was not what we meant," Hoshi was mortified.
"Oh, I apologize for my incompetence," Hana answered.
Hikari, Hana, and Hoshi then went to work at moving the wounded fighters.
"We apologize for the lack of dueling in this round, but I have to say that it's ladies choice," Hana announced as they exited the arena.

"Izanagi, are you okay?" Hikari asked as Izanagi began to awaken.
"I'm fine. Hey aren't you that girl from the Dragon Shrine?" Izanagi asked in disbelief.
"Yes, but I am also Princess Hikari," Hikari informed.
"If you're the princess then does that mean that we won?"
"Yes, you catch on rather quickly."
"Where's Taka? Is he okay?"
"Taka's fine, he's in another room with Hoshi."
"Is Hoshi the red haired girl?"
"Yes, she's my sister. Enough chatter, you should get some rest."
"Why is that?"
"Well, we have an important journey to begin tomorrow."
"So Taka and I won the battle against Hana?"
"Yes, I already told you that."
"Can you tell me how we won, I don't remember that."
"Okay, you won because you found a way to bind her after she used a poisoning spell. So you and Taka passed out after the battle and Hoshi and I took care of you. Go to sleep now okay? Bye."
Hikari stepped out of the bedroom and closed it behind her. Hana smiled when she saw Hikari emerge from the bedroom.
"Hey, how's he doing?"
"He's fine, I was surprised after what you did to him!"
"Relax Hikari. It doesn't matter anymore, we're starting our journey tomorrow."
"I suppose you're right, but promise me one thing."
"Never tell Izanagi or Taka what really happened."

End Act I