© 2003 Black Tangled Heart

Beautiful girl with her silky hair and upturned nose

She moves with the grace of a feline,

(and speaks with the tone of a deprived toddler)

Confident girl who parts the crowds in her school hallways

(she begged her daddy for the money to make her a D cup)

She drives her amethyst convertible and jabbers on her cell phone

(forgetting to pick up her little sister from volleyball practice)

Wanted girl who shakes her cherry-and-white pom-poms

the favourite cheerleader of the grisly football team

(she has syphilis from tanned sweet talker Mickey Jorgensen)

She won't touch gravy or French fries - just salad until prom night

(twelve more pounds to lose until her skirt size is double zero)

She can only hold the world by the tail for so long

Someday soon its claws will appear and slash her perfect world

Into bloodied shards of nothingness

(shallow girl, selfish girl, sardonic girl)

Her world will shatter, and there will be no pieces to mend

(pretty girl, polished girl, precious girl)

Get over yourself