For seemingly an endless amount of time, Laura and Gloria walked hurriedly through the streets of Toronto. Laura couldn't help but wonder what her parents were thinking. Had they found out that she was gone? The question kept on replaying in her mind. They probably would eventually, she thought, because at the rate they were going at now, she probably wouldn't be home by morning.

Finally, Gloria halted. The two now stood before a dilapidated, old building. Right in front of Laura was a door.

"Open it" Gloria said, after a few moments silence. Laura obeyed Gloria, and walked inside. Laura turned around, about a moment later, when she realized that Gloria wasn't following her.

"Some things one has to do alone" Gloria said in reply to Laura's look of confusion. "It will be harder for them to detect one intruder into their hangout. Two is just too hard to sneak by".

"So what am I to do? Where did you bring me anyways?" Laura asked.

"Do what you had planned to do. Find Damien. This is where I believe he is. This is Aghorn's layer" Gloria responded.

Laura took a deep breath in, and walked inside. The place was pitching black. She heard voices coming from the walls, so she leaned her ear in and listened.

"Well, welcome young Damien. I'm sure you're going to love it here" said a voice. The person who spoke sounded drunk.

"I am sure that I will. I never did belong to those whites. Not my type" said another voice, one which Laura believed to be that of Damien. He was laughing merrily.

"Of course, my boy. So what about your friends and your family, you aren't going to go soft on us, and run back to them?"

"Please. What friends? What family? I got none. That I'm not using in some way shape or form" he laughed again. Laura was furious. So he had been using her all along. Words could not describe her sudden loathing for him. After she had come all this way.

"Perfect answer" said the man, laughing. Laura was sure now that he was drunk.

"What do I care about them? Really? They are nothing but a liability"

There was more laughter. Nothing but a liability? Laura suddenly felt hurt. She slumped to the floor.

The talking stopped. Laura heard footsteps approach the room she was in.

"Laura?" Damien stood in the doorway to her left. Laura got up and bolted out a side door which took her into an alleyway.

"Wait, where are you going?" Damien followed her outside.

Laura spun around. Words could not express her anger. Her face flushed.

"Away from you" she snarled, turning back around and began to walk away, but was stopped by a warm hand on her should.

"Why do you want to go away from me? What have I done to make you mad? I thought we were friends?" Damien asked.

"I heard what you said to that man. You were using me all along. You're no friend of mine" she snapped.

Damien sighed. "That was nothing but an act. You are my friend, and always will be. I would never use you. I would never betray you".

"You could have refused his offer for membership. You've doomed all of wizard kind. I hope you're happy"

"Do you think I dare refuse those people? If I refused, they'd beat me to a pulp, and still perform the sacrifice anyways. And I think it's pretty hard for beaten up pulps to runaway, or be rescued " he said, with a sudden softness in his voice and a smile. "I can't go far without them watching me. Their too powerful to allow me an escape"

Laura sighed. "I guess I shouldn't have judged you so quickly then".

"Damien" said a voice, coming from inside the hangout.

"Listen, I got to go. The sacrifice will take place Friday at sundown" he said, turning and running back inside.