I sat on the toilet seat and looked at the little stick in my hand.

"No, it can't be possible." Tears filled my eyes as fear overwhelmed me. Two lines, two little pink lines. This honestly could not be happening. We had been careful, right?

Well, obviously not too careful. After all there were two lines. Yesterday was my husband's 29th birthday. My daughter's 4th was a week and a half ago. The kicker was my son wasn't even 18 months yet. We celebrated his 1st in September. He'd be 25 months old when this on would be born. Panic seized me and I felt my stomach lurch.

I thought back over my last pregnancy and knew I didn't want to do it again. I was so sick and labor was a pain, quite literally.

How would Dean handle it? He was a nervous wreck last time.

Again Panic.

Forget how he'd handle it...How am I going to tell him???

Okay. Short first chapter...but tell me what you think...Please...both negative and positive feedback is welcome...just be gentle.