Authors Note: - This short story idea came from me joking around with my friends. I think it illustrates a few fun things about my characters.

Strange Bedfellows

She leaned in close her crimson lips brushing against his. David reached out and ran his fingers through her short black hair. It felt softer than he'd ever imagined. They kissed slowly but with great passion, bodies pressed close together. With his free arm her took hold of her around her slender waist, her skin was petal soft and warm. Her smell intoxicated his senses and her cold piercings shocked his sensitive skin. David paused and realized Nightshade didn't have any piercings. In that instant the dream vanished. He woke, puzzled and groggy. The distinctive sound of a clicking keyboard was the first thing out of place that caught his attention. The second was the fact someone was cuddled up against his side.

David reluctantly looked down and was disappointed to find who was in his bed, more so lying with him on his mattress that sat on the floor and served as a bed. It was his best friend Seth. Mercifully he'd removed the spikes that normally adorned his head, considering with his face resting on David's chest it would have provided a sensation that was less than pleasant. His hair was also lacking its customary spiked appearance but was still pink. David sighed and craned his head to see who else was in the room and using his computer. He caught a glimpse of floofy dirty blond hair and guessed it was John, which meant it had to still be dark out. Looking out the window to check was impossible considering it was boarded up. He hadn't had the time to get the glass replaced when it was last broken. Things around his apartment tended to get broken a lot and he'd given up on most of them long ago.

After a moment of taking in the situation David slowly sat up. Seth slid into his lap without once stirring, as the blanket pulled down he realized his bed mate was nude. He sighed and rolled his eyes. It was no secret the man slept naked, David just wished he'd bothered to put on some under ware before jumping into bed with him. He paused for a moment and realized that Seth may not even own a single pair of under ware though. Shoving that thought out of his head he looked to the vampire huddled in the glow of his computer screen staring intently at the numbers and letters as they flashed by.

"John... Why are you on my computer at..." He glanced over at his alarm clock. "...two in the morning?"

"Computer crashed. Needed computer." John replied crisply in a monotone voice.

"Riiight... So why didn't you just go to the lab?" David shifted a little and tried to get Seth off of him.

"Couldn't." John replied most simplistically.

"And why is that?" He couldn't help but use the tone of voice one would on a child. It was abnormal for even him as an alpha wererat to get random visitors in the night. The times he did get people popping in they knocked, like normal people.

"Systems down." He explained without explaining.

David sighed and gave up. John was too far gone into his computer world to really give him any answers that would make much sense. He looked down at the man in his lap.

"Seth..." He poked his tattooed shoulder. "Wake up Seth."

Seth made a little sound of protest that would have been more fitting coming from a child or woman. After a moment he opened his eyes and rolled onto his back. Almost as if by magic the sheets moved with him, keeping him decent. Though it wasn't like Seth would care if his naked form was exposed to the room, he wouldn't care if the whole world saw him au naturel. He blinked his sleepy blue eyes and yawned.

"Hello David." Seth said softly when he was done yawning.

"Hi Seth... What are you doing in my bed?" While most men would be somewhat concerned to wake up next to a naked man David wasn't too bothered by it. He'd stop caring about such things around the time he stopped being human and turned into a wererat.

"My girlfriend kicked me out." He sighed heavily and pouted, his lip rings glinted in the computer light.

"First off when do you ever have a girlfriend longer than two days and secondly... Don't you live in your parent's guest house? How can she kick you out?" David couldn't keep the surprise out of his voice.

"I'll have you know I've been dating her for a week now." Seth gave him a very serious look and went on. "And we had a fight and I left. I couldn't go back because she was there and... I didn't want to be alone."

David groaned a little. "So you broke into my apartment and dived naked into my bed?"

"Well you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you up." Seth turned his head to the side and eyed John. "What's he doing here?"

"Same reason as you. To drive me insane." David rolled away from his friend and picked up the ancient beige phone that sat on the floor beside his mattress.

"Who are you calling?" Seth asked rolling onto his side watching David with innocent eyes, a rare thing for him.

"Donovan." He responded.


"Let me see, I wake up to find a vampire on my computer and my beta sleeping next to me naked." He glanced at Seth with a duh expression. "That's a little weird even for me."

"It's the naked part isn't it?" Seth asked with a smirk, the innocent look replaced by something far dirtier.

"Actually no. It's that part." He pointed to Seth and began to dial.

"What?" He asked looking himself over. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Everything with you is sexual. I doubt you could ever say anything that couldn't be construed sexually." David sighed into the mouth piece and waited patiently for someone to pick up.

"Oh please, you're exaggerating." Seth waved away his comment with his left hand, his head propped up with his right.

"He's right you know." John interjected in between frantic typing.

Seth stuck his multi pierced tongue out at the vampire. "You're just a homophobe John."

"Since when are you gay Seth?" John asked, stopping what he was doing long enough to turn around to stare steadfastly at the naked man.

"I'm not gay." He shrugged in an almost defensive manner.

"So you're strait?" John pressed.

"I rather not label myself." Seth flopped done onto his belly, facing John.

"Bi." John remarked turning back out.

Seth humphed and stared at his back, seeming content to watch John type. David rolled his eyes and wondered what was taking Donovan so long. On the forty-fifth ring the phone was picked up.

"Hello?" A less than trilled sounding voice queried.

"Donovan?" David asked hesitantly, not sure of the owner of the voice.

"Yes, it's me David." The voice softened considerably. "Is everything alright?"

"Well... Yes and no." David glanced towards his two now silent guests.

"What do you mean?" Donovan sounded tired but curious.

"I woke up with Seth in my bed and John on my computer." He didn't hesitate to blurt out.

"How interesting." Donovan remarked in a more disinterested tone. "And pray tell why did you feel the need to call me and inform me of this?"

"I was wondering if I can come over..." He said fidgeting in his bed.

Donovan sighed heavily. "Of course David, my home is your home. You are like a son to me."

David smiled into the phone and Seth glanced over at him smirking. He kicked him in the leg and stuck out his tongue. Seth rolled away laughing.

"Ah yes, that would be Seth. In a good mood I can hear." David could hear the smile in Donovan's voice. "So why are they there?"

"Something about a computer crashing and women trouble." He said offhandedly.

"Not very hard to figure out which issue is attached to which gentleman. And I do use that term loosely." Donovan remarked drolly.

"Hey! I'm a perfect gentleman!" Seth protested glaring at the phone.

Donovan laughed, his voice pouring through the phone with unnatural skill and beauty. Seth shuttered and rolled his eyes. "Vampires."

"Huh?" John grunted turning a little.

"Not you." Both Seth and David said at once.

"Oh..." He turned back to the screen.

"Ok, I'm coming over now." David said standing up.

"You may use Venrick's bed." Donovan said.

"Isn't Venrick using it?" He asked puzzled.

"Not tonight, he's staying with yet another one of his little projects." Donovan sounded bored with Venrick's ideals.

"I see. Well I'll be over in a few." David paused before hanging up, waiting for a goodbye.

"I shall see you when you get here." Donovan remarked before hanging up.

Seth stared up at his friend forlornly. "And what am I supposed to do?"

"What do you mean?" David asked frowning around the room, looking for his pants.

"I came here because I was lonely."

"Well... John can keep you company." David motioned towards the distracted vampire and walked towards a pile of clothes in the corner.

Seth looked at him then to David. "He might as well not be here! He won't pay attention to anything unless you can plug it in!"

"I am not going to say anything to that." David said as he buttoned up his shirt.

"And you call me a pervert." Seth smirked, an expression at home on his face.

"You're the one who taught me!" He shot back as he pulled up his pants.

"Besides..." Seth said getting back to the topic. "He won't cuddle."

David rolled his eyes. "Ambush him."

"I guess I can try." He said in a long suffering tone.

"Goodnight Seth." David said walking out of the room. "Goodnight John." He yelled before leaving the apartment.

A complete minute after David had made his exit John muttered. "Night David..."

Seth grinned like a madman and shifted to a crouch staring at John like a cat who'd found a mouse.

David heard a startled cry from his apartment as he descended the stairs. He shook his head and sighed. "Never a dull moment with Seth around."