Why does it feel different suddenly?
How you say or how you look?
It is perhaps another somebody
Someone else to share your hope?

Please listen and then tell me
Is it that thing between us gone?
Has our memory flown away
To give the space to the newer one?

I cannot blame you if I want
For I know that look that crosses your face
The smile you'll never give to me
A smile to you, a smile to love.

Suddenly everything is different,
Your air, your acts, a certain grace
The feelings that embrace
The look, the very, upon your face.

So have my place is certained gone?
So that the new may have that one?
So all your dreams, your hopes goes on
Not in me, no more, than in time once.

Should I say to you goodbye,
Or should I just leave?
Either way, in morn, I'm gone
Gone, like the autumn leaves.