I'm lost

Can you help me?

Oh, you can't help me.

No one can

I'm not lost outside

I'm lost within

And no one can help me now.

I won't cry

It's not that bad. . .

Well, maybe a little.

Maybe I'll cry

A little.

But some things are more important

Like returning

Like getting un-lost

Like going home

I just have to find my way.

But you can leave, now,

Because you can't help me.

And don't say it'll be alright

Don't say I'll be alright

It won't.

I won't.


That's all I need

But I might need a lot

Because I'm different.

Just a little strange

Just a little off

And no one really gets it

But that's okay.

Not because it'll be alright

But because I can take it.

I'm not the child you see me as

I'm grown on the inside

From being lost.

But you can go now,

Because you can't help me.

Look, it's just a little way home

I won't be alright

But I won't die.

Just a few more blocks

Look, I think I can see my porch light

It's getting dark, yes.

I have eyes, I can see.

No, I don't need a ride

I'll make it.

But you can go now,

Because you can't help me.

No one can.

I'll just have to go home

By myself

Home to where things won't be ALL right. . .

But they'll be okay.