Love That Transcends Life

© 2003 by: Arsen Dawn

Please don't cry
I know I said a lie,
but please don't cry
It's not as if I didn't try

I know I promised
I'll always be with you
But what can I do
I was the next one in queue

Please don't cry
I know I said a lie,
but please don't cry
Sweep your eyes dry

Now that I'm done for
I can't ignore
What will become of this love of ours
Will it be like before

Now, every time I look down to you
I see you looking up to me
With your eyes of blue
And your tears down your cheek

How can I tell you
That you are now free
Free to find a new
boyfriend to replace me

Although I would like
To have you for me only
But I must not be greedy
'Cause you'll only be lonely

Please don't cry
Just because I die
Every time you want to remember me
Just look up to the sky

I don't want you to be lonely
So I will always be with you
Even when you find someone new
I will always love you

Even after death do us part

Author's Note: Gawd, I didn't think I can make a poem...Tell me, is the fact that this is my first poem so obvious? Anyway, you got the idea, right? About a guy who still loves his lover even after his death. If I get good reviews here, I may be encouraged enough to make the girl's response. Please review!