Staring out my window,
Sunshine burning my cheek,
Looking for something more,
Listening to time so deep.
Wishing all my days away,
Waiting for something more,
Praying for a movie love,
Something I've never felt before.
Don't want to face the real world,
Don't want to face my fears,
Wanna find a way to take it back,
Go outside without these tears.
I'm stuck here in this body,
That can't possibly be mine,
It's older then it should be,
Wearing out faster then my time.
The doctors say I'll be okay,
Once my mind has healed,
They don't understand my pain,
Or what happened in that field.
Sometimes people are shattered,
As fragile as a mirror,
I knew from that day on,
I'd live my life in fear.
My daddy was a good man,
If not stressed out a bit,
I never dreamed he'd yell so much,
Or swing at me and hit.
Bruises aren't forever,
They will be in my eye,
Now I know what it feels like,
To simply need to cry.
Now everything's so different,
My family won't be the same,
I wish that he had killed me,
So I wouldn't know this shame.
People say I'm safe now,
But they don't hear me scream,
When I wake up late and crying,
Caught in this horrible dream.