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I walk down the sidewalk, kicking a stone.

Stupid stone...

I think about my life, and all that's been happening lately.

Stupid life...

I look up and see all the other kids in the parking lot, chatting with friends.

Stupid world...

All the kids have gathered together into their own groups, the preps, the jocks, the punks...and so on and so forth.

Stupid groups...

I walk towards the school and hear a voice behind me.


I turn around and see Rikki, one of the jocks, behind me. I stop, and he runs up to me.

"Yes, Rikki?"

"Can I borrow your homework?"

I roll my eyes and sigh, knowing I shouldn't really give him the homework, but I drop my bag and take out the homework anyway, and give it to him.

"Thanks! I'll give it back before class!"


He waves quickly and runs back to the group of jocks.

He is *so* lucky I like him. Otherwise, he wouldn't get free homework...

I pick up my bag and continue lugging my huge backpack on the sidewalk trying to get to class unnoticed.


I keep dragging my bag along, which doesn't work very well. I finally decide to carry it on my back, but when I put it on, I fall over from its weight.


A bunch of punks and jocks laugh at me as I get up, trying to regain what little dignity I had before I lost it. However, once I finally get up, My bag bursts and my books fall all over the sidewalk. The older kids and some of the kids in my grade keep laughing as I try to quickly pick up my books.

"Hey, freak, having trouble?"

I look up to see Valen, one of the tougher kids in my grade, holding my History textbook in his hand.

"Valen, give it back. Isn't there *anyone* else you can bother?"

"First answer, no. Second answer, I don't care."

I roll my eyes and jump at the book. He just lifts it out of reach.

"What, you can't reach? Ha, ha...shorty."

"I'm not short, egotistical jerk, you're just a big fat ass."

Valen looks at me for a second, puzzled, obviously trying to figure out what egotistical means. I laugh at him.

"Need a dictionary, mental case?"

"No, freak, but you probably will!"

He picks up my dictionary and throws it into a puddle on the side of the bus drop-off lane. I look in horror at my book floating in the muddy puddle, and I hear the laughter of Valen and his gang behind me.

"Oh, you'll probably need about fifty bucks for a new textbook, too."

I turn to see Valen ripping the pages of my textbook, and I just sit there, helpless. Everyone around me is laughing.

Why does this always happen to me...?!

I look around me and see Rikki behind Valen, moving forward slightly as if to try to help me, and I look at him with a pained and helpless look in my eyes.


One of Valen's cronies nudges Rikki, and he takes one last look at me before he begins laughing as well.


That's when I begin crying.

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