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I walk down the hall, searching for the room that Rikki's in.

"Rikki, where are you?"

I look around, peeking through the door windows, but not seeing Rikki.




Suddenly, I hear a gunshot from a door down the hall.


I run down the hall and open the door of the room, and see Rikki, collapsed on the floor.

"Rikki!! RIKKI!! What happened?!"


Rikki coughs, and then closes his eyes, his breathing ceasing.


I kneel down, shaking him lightly.


Still no response.

"Rikki?! Rikki?! RIKKI?!"

I fall to the floor, crying, shaking Rikki lightly, trying to wake him up.


I bury my face in his shirt, crying uncontrollably.

"Rikki!! Rikki!! Please wake up!! Rikki, don't leave me!!"

I hear laughter behind me, and I turn around to see Valen, with a gun aimed at me.


"Ha, ha, ha...if I can't have Rich, no one will."

Valen walks towards me. I scream loudly, thrashing around, trying to get him away from me.


"Get away from me!!"



"Ki! Wake up!!"

I open my eyes, my vision blurred by tears. I see the familiar, lit waiting room, and feel strong arms around me. I turn around to see Rikki, wincing.

"Rikki!! You're okay!!"

"Of course I am, Ki, I'll never leave you."

"I had the worst nightmare...Valen killed you..."

"Shh...Ki...it's okay..."

I notice his expression, and it seems like he's in some sort of pain.

"R-Rikki...? What's wrong?"

"It-it hurts to hold you...my chest..."

"Oh! I'm so sorry, Rikki..."

"N-no...I can take physical pain to protect you. I love you, Ki."

"I love you too, Rikki..."

Rikki reaches into his pocket and pulls out a blue velvet box. He hands the box over to me, and I look at him, confused.

"R-Rikki...? What's this?"

"Open it and find out."

I open the box and see two silver rings inside. I gasp, and look up at Rikki.

"Oh, Rikki!"

"They're promise rings."

"Rikki...thank you..."

"I love you, Ki...I promise, I'll stay with you forever."

"I love you too, Rikki...thank you so much..."

He wraps his arms lovingly around me, and kisses me. I return the kiss, and hug him back.

I'll be with him...forever.


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