By:Andrew Troy Keller

Peter Manning was on his way home from a New Year's Eve party,until he had spotted a flash of bright light hovering over his head.
At first,he had figured it to be a jet airliner,but that was before it had suddenly landed in front of him,causing him to stop his car really fast.
And then,when he had took a closer look at the landed spacecraft,Peter had placed a hand on his head and said,"I should've known better than to have that last few beers at that party."
But then,the certain portion of the alien spacecraft had opened up and three members of its humanoid crew had walked towards the car,in order to get a closer look at a shocked Peter.
And after they had opened the car door and took Peter out of the car,the humanoid aliens
had took him with them into the spacecraft and placed him on a table inside an examination room.
After the trio had left the room,Peter had turned towards the door and said,"Excuse me,but I don't understand why you brought me in here!"
Just then,one of the humanoid crew members--a female--had entered the room,walked over to Peter and answered,"You had been brought into this room,so that we should be able to give you a complete medical examination."
But then,after a short pause,Peter had smiled and said,"I'm sorry,but its just that I haven't noticed anyone quite so beautiful as you are."
"Well,in that case.",said the blushing humanoid."I guess that it wouldn't hurt for me to give you the examination myself."
And before she was able to give him a kiss on the lips,Peter had moved his head away from hers and asked,"Can I ask what your name is first?"
"Janna.",answered the smiling female."My name is Janna."
Suddenly,while they were kissing each other ever so passionately on the lips,both Peter and Janna were being observed by the other humanoids,who were writing notes on their observations.
But in spite of the other humanoids observing them,both Peter and Janna were experiencing pure,untamed erotica--and enjoying every minute of it.
And then,after they had finished with their moment of sensual pleasure,Janna had looked
Peter and said,"Well,Peter.It seems to me that you've been found to be in satisfactory condition."
After he had let out a smile,Peter had placed a gentle hand on her cheek and said,"If you were to ask me,Janna.I've found you to also be satisfactory."
But after he had noticed a suddenly sad look on Janna's face,a concerned Peter asked,"Are you okay,Janna?"
"I'm sorry,Peter.",said a saddened Janna."I wish that we should remain together forever.But,I'm sorry to say that its not meant to be."
"Not meant to be?",asked a confused Peter."What are you trying to tell me,Janna?"
"Its just that I belong with my fellow beings and we agree that you should remain on Earth.I'm so very sorry,Peter."
Just then,a small group of humanoid beings had entered the room.
And after three of them had placed a robe over Janna's bare body and led her out of the room,the reamining four had remained with a confused Peter.
After three of the humanoids had made sure that Peter's arms and legs were secured to the table,the fourth humanoid had placed a strange looking device on top of Peter's head and turned it on,causing a small energy pulse to flow through his brain.
Then,after the process has been completed,the humanoids had took Peter out of the spacecraft and placed him back inside his car.
But before they had gone back inside their ship,a saddened Janna had leaned over to Peter,gave him a kiss and said,"Goodbye,Peter.I'll love you forever."
And then,after the ship had zoomed its way back into outer space,a woozy Peter had woken up,placed a hand on top of his forehead and said,"Whoa!What a hangover!",before starting up his car and continued on driving home.
And yet,there'll always be a slight pain in his heart.
At first,he might not understand,but he'll learn soon enough that its the pain of a lost love.