Horses in Galveston

Once there was this boy I knew
named Caleb and he told me that
he rode horses in the desert outside
of Galveston, and then I went home

and realized there had been a horrible
storm in Galveston a while back, and the
boy named Caleb did not even mention
that bad storm. So I looked out of my
window and it was a clear day with a
small wind. Caleb is a name from the Bible

I do not remember what it means. Galveston
is a city in Texas, and I have not ridden
a horse in a long time- once
I did. It was a brown horse and I rode in the
woods next to my father, who had a name
from the Bible too. His name

was David. My father had been to Texas,
but I am not certain if he ever went to