On Old Age and Death

Let's start with the teeth – they rot and decay,

The skin will wrinkle and wither away.

The nose grows long and bubbles and boils,

The brain within no longer toils.

The arms grow weak, all strength is gone,

The game of life, you are a pawn.

The hips are frail and easily break,

The knees begin to quiver and quake.

Soon you'll hear death's ominous song,

Your life has gone on far too long.

I have to admit, I think you'll agree,

That without the body the soul can roam free.

From the clouds up in Heaven to the pit of despair,

To the fires of Satan, I've been everywhere.

I've asked all the questions and heard the reasons why,

I know there is no God, no bearded man up in the sky.

In the depths of darkness, of nightmares and of fear,

There are sounds and voices you were scared to ever hear.

You realize at last you were mistaken, you were wrong,

And as death embraces you, you know all hope is gone.

A/N: Well, my rhyming scheme sure changed like, halfway through. I'm no poet, as you can probably tell.