It's not my fault that I had to drop out of High School, that I ended up a fry girl at McDonalds. It all started when dad remarried after mom had died in that freak escalator accident at our local mall. He thought I needed a mother then, so I guess he just married the first woman he saw on the street. My new stepmother was (and still is) an awful, horrible, and ugly woman. She brought along with her, not one, but two awful, horrible and ugly daughters. They were named (which I found hilarious) Laverne and Shirley. Soon after the wedding, my dad died of a heart attack, (probably because he finally had a look at his new wife). I had to leave school because my new stepfamily could not support themselves after they used up my family's entire fortune. Shortly after the funeral, we went bankrupt, and of course Ms. Evil Stepmother would never, ever think of sending her own precious darlings out into the world to work. So whom does she force to work, and become a fry girl? Bingo. Me, Anita M. Jennings, fry girl extrordinaire. That's also my new name from my evil stepsisters. FryGirl. Of course I long to go back to my school, and be with my friends, and I would do almost anything to go back there. I must admit, it's not so bad all of the time, I actually love the smell of the hamburgers cooking and the potatoes sizzling in the hot oil. It's truly amazing how thin I stay. Despite the fact that I have to work in the house during all of my free time, I always have time to dream about the day when I will meet my prince charming. Sigh! Today after my shift ended, I walked home to our big house, (which we cannot afford to keep any more,) and the first thing I hear is, "Oh FryGirl, bring up my laundry!" Snapped Laverne. Then, " FryGirl, make me a sandwich. I'm still hungry!" Whined Shirley. Oh good grief! " Yes you majesties." I called sarcastically up the stairs. There was a flyer I had pulled out from our mailbox in my hand. When I finally had time to look at it, it read: "ATTENTION ALL SOPHOMORES AND SENIORS. PROM IS NOW SCHEDULED FOR FEBRUARY 12, 2002. PLEASE COME AND VOTE FOR THE PROM KING AND QUEEN OF 2002" Suddenly, Laverne and Shirley appeared on the stairs. "FryGirl, where is my sandwich?" Shirley moaned. "And my laundry, FryGirl" Complained Laverne. Then they both stopped in mid step. "What's that?" They both screamed. "Nothing," I said, and hid the flyer behind my back. Maybe if they didn't see it, then they would miss the social event of the year. Well, my plan failed when Shirley snatched the paper from behind my back. "Ooooohhhhh! The prom!" the both squealed. "This is the end of me," I thought to myself. That's when the torture began. They went on for days, about how I couldn't go to the prom because I was only a greasy little FryGirl. I cried every night. Then, on the night of the prom, soon after my evil stepsisters had left, something miraculous happened. My evil manager had called earlier, to say that I had to work tonight. So I couldn't even consider trying to sneak out to the school. I stood outside my front door in my McDonald's uniform with my red and yellow hat on, when there was a twinkling in the space in front of me. Then a figure in yellow and red with a mop of bright red hair appeared before me. "Ronald? Ronald McDonald?" I exclaimed. "My hero!" "That's me!" Ronald replied. "But, but?" I stammered. "We've no time to waste, young lady! You have a prom to go to." he said. "But, you don't understand. I can't go. I'm only a fry girl..." "ONLY A FRY GIRL?" he interrupted, "That is one of the most respectable professions I know of" he said. "But, I can't go, I have to work," I cried. "Easily solved" he said. "Bring me the following: one fry and the spoon from a McFlurry. Oh, and a small cow." "OK", I said hesitantly, "but where can I get a small cow?" I asked him. "Don't worry. All that is needed will be provided," said Ronald. Sure enough, there was a small cow in the field next to our house. I brought everything back to him, and he stood in our driveway and said, "Hocus Pocus, Big Mac-a-Dee. Let this poor fry girl go to the prom, for FREE!" All of a sudden, the fry turned into a limousine and the cow into a driver for the limo! "But, what's the spoon for?" I asked. "My McFlurry. Yuuumm!" he answered, and took an M&M McFlurry out of his jacket pocket. I would have laughed, but I was too amazed at the recent events. "Now, off you go, my McDonald's Child. May the Big Mac be with you" he said. "But, I can't go in THIS" I complained, and gestured to my uniform with all of the grease spots. "Oh, too true. Too true. Hmmmmmmm. Let me see..." he said, and started to think. He raised his spoon and then shook it at me and said, "Fries, pies, and the crispy chicken. Make a beautiful dress when this spoon starts a flickin'"

My dress was instantly transformed into an elegant gown of silk and satin and upon my feet was beautiful black strappy Gucci sandals. "Oh! It's a dream come true!" I said "But, what's the catch? its too good to be true, and there's always a catch in these things." I said. " No catch," he said, " just be back at Eleven O'clock tonight." "That's a catch." I complained "and at Eleven? I thought that these things are supposed to last until midnight?" I queried. " Sorry, but my watch is an hour slow." He apologized. "Oh No!" I cried. "I forgot! I still have to work!" "No problem! I will just make an accurate clone of you to take your place" he said, and waved his spoon. "There! She's already there. Ok?" he said. "Thank you! Thank you so much!" I said over and over. "Its nothing, enjoy yourself." He said. And with that, he was gone. I was off to the prom! I arrived at the school at 7:59, exactly one minute early. I walked inside to the gym and it was a breathtaking sight. Everything was draped with blue and silver crepe paper. The lights were dimmed and a magnificent silver disco ball glittered in the middle of the room. The music was blaring out of the speakers and everyone was dancing. I saw many familiar faces, but no one seemed to recognize me. This was a good thing, because I really wanted to avoid those pesky questions. Suddenly, the captain of the football team came over to me and asked me to dance with him. We danced all night. It was truly amazing. Then it was time for the crowning of the "Prom King and Queen". The announcer came onto the stage and called out the names. The next thing I heard was his voice coming through the speakers. The crowd had fallen silent. " Josh Lancing and..... The mystery girl!" Everyone cheered as Josh led me up onto the platform. When the crowns were finally on our heads, I heard the clock from the church next door strike eleven times. " Oh no! Is it eleven already?" I asked Josh. " Yes, but why?" he answered me. " I have to go!" I cried and leapt off the stage and disappeared into the crowd. I was almost free, but when I got to the steps of the school, I was reminded of the movie "Cinderella" and the part where she loses her slipper and then her prince found her by trying the tiny glass thing on all the girls in the town. The gears in my head were spinning. I quickly took off my precious Gucci sandal and kissed it. I then set it down on the step, took off the other on and ran. I ran all the way home. When got home, my dress was gone, and I was back in my McDonalds uniform. I still held the sandal in my hand. " Where were you?" Laverne asked me when I got in the door. "Home already are you?" I asked her. " I was at work. Can't you see?" and pointed to my uniform. I gave her that look that tells her she's an idiot. "I could have sworn I saw you at the prom. The new prom queen looked a bit like you. But then again, how could you have been there FryGirl." She said sarcastically. I despised her. I almost told her, "Yes you idiot, I was there, and I'm the new Queen." But I didn't. " I'm too tired to argue with you tonight." I said, and climbed the stairs up to my room. The next day, we got a knock on our door. It was Mr. Lancing. Josh's father, and in his hand was my sandal! He said his son was heartbroken because he had fallen in love with the owner of this shoe, and was trying desperately to find the mystery girl. "Who is there, FryGirl?" Evil Stepmother said from the stairs. Mr. Bennett introduced himself and showed her the show. Evil Stepmother ran and got Evil Stepsisters. " Oh I'm sure that's my shoe" both Laverne and Shirley said. Shirley's foot was too fat, and Laverne's was way too long for my small little sandal. When it was my turn, I carefully slipped my foot into the shoe, and Evil Stepmother and company screamed. I stood up and got the other shoe. " I have its mate too." I said. "Young lady, I am honored to say, that my son will be very happy to see you again, please come with me." He said. I blushed. I got into his car quick enough that my stepfamily was still fuming.


What??!! Are you still here? Well, okay. I suppose you're all wondering what happened to Josh, Ronald, my evil stepfamily, and Me. well.. Josh and I dated for a while and then got married a few months later. I suppose you have all heard about the "Happily Ever After" story, well!!! Let me clear that whole story up. As much as I would have wanted him to, Josh did not support my want of continuing to work at McDonalds, and after I told him I was a Frygirl. well lets just say our marriage didn't last long. Oh, we are still friends and talk every once and I while, but things just didn't work out. So I continued to work at McD's and soon got promoted to Hamburger Cooker Lady and I fell in love.. with. you'll never guess!!!. Hamburger Cooker Man!!!!! I guess fairy tales these days can become a little twisted, but they ALWAYS work out for the best!