Confessions of a Goth Girl

Raven had her test in hand and her answers on her arm. Here's hoping he didn't notice this time...

"Counselor's office again? Jeez Raven! What'd you do this time?" Michelle asked.

"I cheated on my Science test again. No big deal... I got a perfect score!"

That probably tipped him off." Spike said sarcastically.

Raven shrugged off the criticism and walked to the garbage ca to dump her tray. Looking to her left, a group of Freshman preps sat around a table laughing about some senseless joke; it was like they spoke just to hear themselves talk. A few feet away, a few other freshmen sat on the green benches by the windows. She called them the outcasts. They were with the preps, but they were different. Might be worth approaching someday.

In her fourth period geometry class, she was called down to the counselor's office. She'd been there so many times in the last four years, most people thought she worked there, and the principal just forgot to pay her. Walking into the attendance office, she walked right into Shelly's office and dropped her books on the floor, pulled up her favorite chair and sank into it's busted padding with a look of indifference.

"You rang?" she said sarcastically.

"Yup. Seventh test this year. You're a very smart girl! Just use your own knowledge!" Shelly cried exasperatedly.

"But how can I make it into college if I don't have perfect grades?" She asked, the vision of innocence. Well, except for the black clothing and the spiked necklaces. Shelly stared at her. Not the first time they'd had this conversation.

"Right now, your chances of getting into college are right around negative 3." she retorted sarcastically.

"Great! See you next week! I have a math quiz." Raven said with a michevious grin. She walked out of the office with her books. There was no humor on her face now. She would not go to college, no matter what her stepmother wanted.

Sitting in her room, Raven again dropped her books, this time near the door. She slammed and locked it behind her and flipped on her radio. The sweet sounds of Seether blasted out of the speakers. She couldn't hear her stepmother's pounding. Honestly.

Hours later, well after her family had gone to bed, she sat and looked herself in the mirror. A vain thing, yes, but not the way she was doing it. Top to bottom then. Her black hair was almost always in a half-pony behind her head. Her dark skin framed her dark, dark eyes. That was her clothing, and that was her personality. Three spiked chains hung around her neck; she sometimes brought her parakeet to school on her necklace. She also sometimes wore cat ears and a tail. Butterfly wings and sparkles around her eyes. A black, flowing gown made of lycra. It shouldn't matter. It was black, and that was that.

Today's ensemble was black, baggy jeans, black T-shirt, black jacket. Black coat, a little black, cloth sign on her back written in white, reading "This is my back" in crude lettering. It was held in place with safety pins. "Goth" indefinitely came to mind. A more accurate description would be, "one who wears black a lot". But, who was keeping track?

The next day was a weird one. Michelle didn't come pick her up for school and she had to run to make the bus. She didn't see Spike before class, and was late to first period. She saw Spike after first, jumping the railing walking from first pr. Algebra to second per. Government. She had to go the other way to her Government class, and sat down in her seat a bit deflated. The rest of her morning classes weren't much better off. Walking to lunch was a bit confusing, because she didn't see Michelle, Bryon or Sara. They were supposed to help her with her homework. She had to stay late to get it done, and consequently ended up walking to lunch six minutes after the bell. Was Sara sick? She wasn't feeling too well yesterday. Or was it a different reason? Sara drove to school in the morning...

The sun-filled white courtyard made her eyes water. Starting out from under the shade, she was temporarily blinded. Approaching the steps, she saw a familiar sight; the "outcasts" were grouped together, more than yesterday. Since it wasn't raining they always met outside. She'd noticed that rather quickly. A few of their preppy friends were even around for the duration of lunch. Well, now or never, it was an emergency.

"Hey, does anyone have a cell phone I can borrow?" All eyes turned to her, a few sideways. For the first time, she was startlingly aware of her black clothes against the white of the courtyard. A big-boned girl with black boots and a brown-haired ponytail reached to the waist of her jeans. Unclipping a thin cell phone, she turned it on and handed it to her.

"Here." she offered with an smile.

"Thanks." Raven replied gratefully.

"What's your name?" she asked cheerfully.

"I'm Raven."

"Hi Raven. I'm Kat."

Dialing the number and turning her back a little, she called Sara's house.

"Hi, is Sara there?" she asked fearful of the answer.

A stuffy nosed girl answered. "This is Sara."

Raven could breathe easier. "Hey Sara, it's Raven." From there, the conversation was all small talk. What had needed to be done was done, and they soon hung up. Hitting the little red button, Raven handed the phone back to Kat.

"Thanks." she said again.

"Sure, anytime." the girl replied with another smile.

Raven ran up the steps to the cafeteria.

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