Raven spent the next two weeks in a state of frantic worry. She had turned the house top to bottom in a desperate search for the box. Finally, she had no other choice.

"Dad?" she spoke timidly, standing in the doorway.

"Hey Rave! What's up?" He asked, surprised. The last time she'd come to talk to him had been about six years ago.

"I've been thinking about Mom a lot lately." she started, looking at the floor.

"Me too." he said sadly

She stared. She'd thought he'd completely forgotten about her, by the way he adored Eryca. She'd hated him for it. "You have?"

"Yup. You wanna talk?" he asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"Yeah. That would be nice." she replied, coming into the room and sitting on the couch next to him. His surprise was plain, and she felt better. At least she wasn't the only one shocked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pictures lay scattered all over the floor, books and books full of them. Her father had had something of an obsession over Raven's mother when they met. It was sort of pathetic, but ultimately sweet.

But they still hadn't gotten to the box.

"Are you sure this is all you've got?" she asked wearily. It had been a trying afternoon.

"Well...no." Her father murmured, discomfort plain on his face. Had he always been this easy to read? She smiled. "One last thing." he said in the direction of the carpet. He reached for some of the pictures to put them away.

"Is it a box?" Raven asked. He froze. She swore she could have heard the sound of air moving, but she was watching him too closely.

"Have you been in my things again?" He asked, anger filtering into his voice.

"No, of course not! It's been in my dream, that's all." she tried faking nonchalance.

"What does it look like?" he returned skeptically. When she described it, his anger disappeared, and he was on the verge of tears again.

"No, of course you haven't been in there. You could never have seen it the way I had it made for her. It looked like that a long time ago; when your mother first died, it was burned in the fire at our old house. She asked me to save it for you, and I was devastated that it was ruined. I'm sorry, Hun." He choked out, before sinking to the floor with a sob.

Raven was on the verge of tears too. She waited for a second, then whispered, "May I see it?" It was almost too quiet for even herself to hear. The sobs slowed then stopped, and he reached for a tissue box.

"I think it's, time." he answered between sniffles.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

An old, worn trunk was opened with a key while she held her breath. (After all, dust can be uncomfortable.)

It was a box inside a box that held what she was looking for. She never even knew that closet was in the attic.

He lifted the box of her dreams out with steady hands.

He was right; it was ruined. Though in Raven's opinion, it was beautiful.

Her father handed her the key, and she placed it in the rusty lock. With a horrible squeaking sound, the latch turned, and she slowly lifted the lid that she had been thinking about for a very, very long time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Hey all!" She smiled, walking over to stand with the group. Senior locker bay was over-crowded because of the wind and rain, and groups of all grades, clubs, social rank and attitude were stuck bumping elbows with each other. It made her laugh, and when she explained it to the group, they understood immediately. They shared a great ironic moment, as some of the "popular people" were forced to wait for the Freshmen "rejects" to move.

The big change had started with a smile, and ended with the golden bracelet around her wrist. The golden bracelet that had been in a box in a trunk, in an attic for the last seventeen years of Raven's life. It said simply, "Love, Mom" on the back.

One girl watched from across the open bay area. She passed this way every day, and had noticed the change in Raven. The girl walked by and gave Raven a smile.

"What was that for?" the girl's friend Steph had asked.

"I dunno. I just thought her butterfly wings were cool."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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