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Well, okay. This is the life of Mas Robinson, as chronicled by himself.

I decided that I'd write this out, seeing as maybe someday I'll get lucky and reap a shitload of money for this.

Or maybe not.

Well, anyway, I'm sixteen. Frickin sixteen and no license yet.

I attend a private boarding school. I run track and swim in the off season.

My GPA is.. I think it's a 3.2 right now, but I'm not sure.

My favorite things are music, good poetry, sarcasm, and sex.

Don't act so surprised. I'm a teenage male- of course I'm interested in sex. I don't engage in silly courtship with anyone, and I've never had a girlfriend. But I have had lovers. I don't take advantage of people, I'm always protected, I'm free of STDs and I don't sleep around.

Things I don't like are bubbly girls, prejudiced assholes, sluts, and cantaloupe.