To start off I'd like to say that if I get any complaints on this story that are un-useful, I will take them as a grain of sand in my eternity hour glass. This story does have Yaoi (Boy X Boy love) lemon, lime, cussing, violence, and every other thing you can see or hear on cable. (hehehe, my private little joke) I will some times put in my only little author's not, they will (be in these ---( )) thoughts will not have " " around them, voices will. sometimes i may put them in italic but this will probably be rare. I use WordPad to write my stories, it has NO SPELLING CHECK OR GRAMMAR CHECK! and chances are i wont change either one of brought to my attention. All charters and names, est. ......... (est., est., est. .. kinda reminds me of Anna and the King, no?) belong to me, if u wants to borrow one, ask, and thee MAY receive. You have been warned, enjoy my little dream of a tale i sorted out during Social Studies (current grade C+) science (current grade B-) and before school starts (current socializing grade Z--).

The red numbers of the bedside clock read 1:30 am. The bed's occupant had long been up, readying himself for the long day a head. As he was in the mild-temperature shower, he ran his schedule threw his sharp mind.

Wake up and get ready at 1 in the too early morning

Go walk the streets and hopefully get bucks from selling himself

Quickly go to Night Club called The Night for the Blood and get harassed and stared at evilly

Change to deli uniform and go to The Bagel Buff deli


School? (only if he wasn't too tired or had enough money left over.)


Oh how exciting! he thought sarcastically, might want to try out for one of those real TV thingies, see how they like the real world! he mused, while applying his white lipstick.

He looks at himself in the mirror before adding to rest of the female 'war paint'. Jade eyes that sparkle to his moods, dancing like emerald fire, slightly hidden behind blond hair that fell carelessly where ever it pleased. Feminine figure and angelical white skin, not a sickly white, but a glow white. Thick eyelashes and nimble slender hands with long should-be- playing-piano fingers. Fluid water-like grace accented each move he made. And to contrary belief, it was all natural, even his long, claw like finger nails. His name was simple, yet unusual, his mother or father, or whoever named him was strange. His name was Tsuki-Aoi, meaning Moon-Blue(japanese, I think.....) Aoi for short. It suited him well with his looks, he thought vaguely as he slid on a pair of spiked, knee high, leather boots to complete his appearance (fishnet shirt, silver under shirt, tight leather pants, biker gloves, and his hair pulled up into a loose ponytail). He gave himself a nod of approval and left via the door.

The cold bit at each cell of everything he wore. He carried a back- pack, containing lunch (insta-noodles), his deli uniform, tennis shoes,(easier to stand in during bartending), casual school clothes, make- up, condoms, mace, and ID. All my life can be packed in this thing if I wanted it to be so. he mused. He decided to walk around and only stop when a car was near so not to get into any bad situations. He prayed no cops were out, he didn't need that right was due in a few weeks.

Across the street he saw a man in black, but only his outline. He sighed. Time to get to work, he sighed when a car pulled by him.

"How much?" the fat man asked. He was a greasy man. One who would slap his son around and beat his wife.

"125 an orgasm." Aoi calmly stated.

"Sold" the fat man said, opening the passenger seat door.

The man in black watched curiously as Aoi got in the car of the stranger. He was strangely drawn to him. Another victim perhaps? He wasn't sure. So he decided to follow this little one, hopefully get to know him and why he sparked his interest. He blinked, and was gone. Faded into the darkness of this night, watching and keeping up with Aoi.


Aoi got out of the car, his money with him. The guy gave him $500. Aoi counted the money again. 100+100+100+100+100=500. $500, he wouldn't have to work the streets for another week or more. He glanced at his watch.

"2:00 am, time to go to the bar" he thought aloud. He turned around, went into a dark alley, changed, and continued on his way, not noticing the watching eyes.

The bar he worked at also was a night club. The main crowd being Goths, he fit in quite well with his attire and facial appearance. The only really bad thing about this job was the fact that everyone would harass or give him evil glares.

The man in black had followed him inside.

"What will you be having this night, sir?", Aoi asked, a tad bit of his happiness evident in his voice. The man in black smiled at this.

"I'll have some red wine, if you will", the man replied.

Aoi shivered, his voice, it was like mist, flowing all around him, unseen, kissing his exposed skin. The man noticed this and smirked. Aoi quickly gave him his drink nodding to him, expecting the man to mingle around for awhile. But he stayed. Aoi raised an eyebrow, questioning. The man smiled again.

"May I inquire the young bartender's name?" the man in black asked, thoughtful. He had a slight accent that Aoi couldn't place, old English perhaps?

"Tsuki-Aoi, but please call me Aoi, it's a lot shorter and easier to say, may I ask what yours is?" Aoi was now curious, this man was trying to start a conversation with him, and was being /nice/ about it.

"That would be Jay, simple and short." Jay smiled, the boy either had nerve or was ignorant to the club's members.

" Well Jay, it was a true pleasure to meet you." Aoi smiled pleasantly.

"Thanks? So Aoi, you don't seem the type to work here, what's your story?", Jay asked innocently.

Aoi shrugged" Ran from home, so I work here and a deli, to support myself and try to go to school." Why did I tell him that? Now he's gonna wanna know what deli I work at! I'm such a demented teddy bear of a boy.

So this boy is naïve on what is going on around him, Jay concluded.

Jay felt the boy's feelings on this. "Interesting. Would you be interested in another, well paying, job? I think it would or will suit you better, and, like I said, it's quit well paying...."

"I, I don't know. What kind of job is it?"

"I need some one to be my house sitter. I'm away most of the day and night and need some one to make sure everything runs smoothly and questions are answered, emergencies are dealt with, things that need to be done are..........that sort of thing. Lodging will be provided since you will be living in my home, as well as food and clothing, the necessities. And you get paid about 38 thousand a month." Jay smirked seeing the face that Aoi wore. Complete shock and joy all at the same time.

"Ahh........Can I think about it?"

"Of course, here's my number" Jay quickly wrote down his number on his drink's napkin, drinking what was left of the wine. "Call anytime for anything. I'd appreciate it if you say yes. Of course I'll let you see the house if you wish, so you know what you're dealing with." Jay smiled, he liked this boy.

Aoi took the napkin that had the gothic written numbers on it. "Thanks, I'll think about it." His watch went off.

"Hmmmm, must be going, my shifts over. time sure does fly. Latter!", Aoi said, walking away.

I hope so, Aoi. Jay thought, smiling, and silently melt into the shadows, disappearing, but the smell of honey and cinnamon still hung in the air where he had been. Several people saw this, they were either used to it or would be dead by morning.

End Chapter One