Hephaestion Alone In Athens

he would say that Cavafy was merely
making gods of young men and as best, he
should then

"leave it at that!"

then he would also remember it
is some sort of poetry in the whiteness of the
Greek landscaping, the Turkish darkness of the
night crowd in Athens
(they are not pale Grecian anymore)
the old language still in

he has his choice. but it is not right
to always play Hephaestion when there at the phalanx
head sungods ride wild Arabians.

All right.

All right. He was 'alexander too alexander

night is night in Athens as
anywhere else perhaps and
he can visit
by morning if it so wills him. He may
learn how Sparta and Athens waged battles all the while

he will not drop wounded petals into
that antiquated stone fountain and hear
hoofbeats marking the army's approach.

(he shall be Darius. yes. that is right. Darius was murdered )

and all Hephaestion
amounted to was love.
there is a perfume here and next
week home can be further artic if so willed
when he can see snow in Stockholm
or slender north

that is about all at night when there is nothing to be done except bookmark hardcover book copies sketched ancient mosaics tile.
There are poets.

And chances at daybreak