a man with an axis of evil
By: ShinigamiForever

freedom will come in somber
will creep through our veins
will clog our arteries

freedom will be translucent
will be scared of rock walls
will drink from fountains cold fingers on metal colder still

freedom will wear a mask
will bang on pots and pans
will wait for rain

freedom will peel clementines
will litter in the streets
will crush mosques and temples in its palm

freedom will pop painkillers
will take tourist snapshot photos
will drop chopsticks on the carpet reaching for the fork

freedom will scarf potato chips
will waste paper by printing the wrong document
will dance to the music of a club about to burn

freedom will order vodka
will be baffled in art museums
will not understand geometry

freedom will try
will fail
will not know when to give up

freedom will sleep at night
will dial its clocks for daylight savings time
will not know how to use the vcr recorder

freedom will blow a horn and not play violin
will frown on trashy magazines
will secretly dream in boring classrooms

freedom will fester
will grow old and withered and frail
will blow away when the wind sweeps over

freedom will whisper

how sad.