fortune cookies
By: ShinigamiForever

you thought to tell me only later
when your fingers were up in your hair, an afterthought, a pause
"oh. And it wasn't true."
As if that was enough for me to believe you.

I could be real too, you know. I could be.
I actually told you I would be, that when it was
all said and done
you would know me better than anyone.
I dreamt about that last night.
I dreamt about you creeping in through the window
and you held a silver dagger in your arms like a baby
and you told me
you knew me
you really really knew me
and I was not afraid.

You will tell me the truth. I
expect that much from you
seeing as I will be forced to give up myself
like an open book
to you.
You will hate me very much, but
not as much as I will hate you when I finally realize,
much to my disgust--
you won't believe me, but it will be there--
that I am afraid of you.

Morning again and this time I realize that
it is only when the sun hits you,
when you have changed so much I can't recognize you,
that you will truly know me
because then
I won't know you at all.

You'll have the eyes of a granite statue
and when I tell you that I knew you once
long long ago
you will laugh
hard enough so that you'll break your pillars
and I will have to call in the cement mixers
to fix your insides.