hiding from odysseus, in between the pages
By: ShinigamiForever

I said, "I don't want it
to be winter anymore."
Snow has lost its novelty;
it is no longer as cold as
love bites or silent slaps of the hand.
I miss the unfettered impoliteness
of brazen summers.

I don't think you heard me. Your face was
turned toward the doors
because there were no windows in the room.
If you were to say anything,
it would be to tell me that this classroom
is like a museum.

(the teacher disappears i breath the air tastes

I said, "I don't want
to be here anymore."
The trees have been shaved clean
and the land
is soft and dry like a new face.
The blackboards are caked in dust sweat
and nothing
is real

I don't think you understood.
It's not so simple
as bolting out the next entrance I lay eyes on.
The bulletin boards
will chase me down if I try.

I said, "I don't want this
to be all that's left of us."
A rack of calculators forgetting my name
and maybe
the teacher asking us to sing a birthday song
to a plastic cup.
I don't think you care anymore.
I'm afraid of things that must be.

My horoscope tells me otherwise. though.

You said, "I don't want--"
But the silence cut you off.