Chapter 1

*Note: This is just a story that I made up. I am not like the guy that you will me in section one and four.


"I have chosen seven teenagers. These seven teenagers must find out what happened in this house one hundred years ago. Everyone that has lived hear has either died a painful, gruesome death, or they just disappeared. These teenagers have five days to discover what is wrong with this house. This is not fake. I do not actually know what has been happening over the years. This house used to be just a myth. It was an unsolved mystery. I found the house and we are going to send these seven teenagers in. These seven teenagers must also find the blue room in this house. This house, is The Winchester House."


About one hundred years ago.

A happy man and his wife settled down into a happy home. What the wife didn't know, was that the home was extremely large and filled with secret passages, stairs that lead to no where, and that it contained a blue room.

The man would never tell his lovely wife about the secret passage ways. He did tell one of his slaves though. The slave that he had told disappeared one day and never turned back up again.

The man mysteriously disappeared one day. Like his slave. He disappeared without anyone knowing where the blue room was or where the secret passages lead to. The woman did eventually find out that there was a blue room, but she could not find it.

The woman mapped this mysterious house an most of the secret passage ways. She spent the rest of her long, lonely life trying to find the blue room. She never did.


Seven teenagers have the very large and horrifying job of finding the blue room and discovering the mysterious disappearances and gruesome deaths that had taken place there.

One teenager's name was Jerry. Jerry was a blonde, but not dumb in any way. He was the smartest one in the group. He was very tall and he had a major crush on one of the other teenagers. He had a crush on Jessie.

Jessie was also a very smart girl. Her parents were Korean so she had the characteristics of a Korean fourteen-year-old. She had a very annoying younger brother and she and Jerry had been friends for most of her life. She would never tell anybody, but she had a major crush on Jerry.

The third teenager chosen was Dameon. Dameon was tall and he was a little pudgy. He had almost black hair and he was pretty smart when it came to English and Math. He loved writing novels, short stories, and scary scenes. He posted all of his stories and scenes on a website called Fan Fiction. He also had a secret crush. His crush was on Deanna.

Deanna was a medium height girl for her age. She was thirteen and she had dirty blonde hair. She was very funny and always made good things out of bad situations. She was new in town and she had already made a load of friends. She only hated one thing in all of the world, and that was monster faces. She hated most of them, not all of them, but most of them. She couldn't stand pictures of them or masks of them. They made her cry every time she saw them. That was why she hated Halloween.

The fifth teenager's name was Parson. Parson was a little on the chubby side, but nothing serious. He was the best out of all of them at skateboarding and roller skating. The only thing he couldn't stand was blood.

Kara was the sixth of the teenagers chosen. She was mental strong and she could do many physical things. The only problem was she was one of the girls that hates getting her clothes dirty.

The last of the teenagers chosen was Rachel. Rachel had long blonde hair and was a very considerate girl. She would listen to a lot of people problems and she would give advice on how to correct the problems. She was real cool under stress.

All of the teenagers that were chosen had volunteered and signed a contract saying that no one in their family could sue if one of them was hurt or killed.


The seven teenagers have no idea what they are getting themselves into. They have no idea that I am not going to make them famous by airing this on Television.

Yes, I am their "host." I will be watching their every move. They will be doing my dirty work. Just the thought of me sending seven "innocent" teenagers to find a terrifying answer to an unsolved mystery, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Call me psycho or crazy, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK.

I'm doing this for myself and no one will get in my way. I hate teenagers, almost as much as I. HATE. YOU.

Now I won't be narrating this horrifying experience. I will only show you the monitor to look at and it will be pretty self explanatory. If you ever feel weak or sick during this "game show" it would be perfectly normal.

I am the Evil. You will fear my name after this experience. You will feel your spine shiver when you hear someone say my most beautiful and yet terrifying name.

Insanity is one step closer to being a complete genius. I will soon be the ultimate ruler of the universe. Call me insane if you want, I know that I am insane. But I will be the one to change the coarse of the world. My giant change for the world will start with this one "game show."

You will feel my wrath. God will not be as powerful as I. I will disembowel all who rebel against me. All will fall to their knees.

Goodbye. for now at least.