autumnal cannibalism, dali explains
By: ShinigamiForever

Our catwalk has windows. It leads steady
flows of people waterfalls
from Islamic culture to heterozygous plants. Sometimes
light is crazy enough to leak in for a dance on the carpet.
But mostly there is cold air
that smells a bit like carnations.

Downstairs, students pretending to be alive
There are some girls who are determined to practice a secular Ramadan.
The "waif" apperance that symoblized
(once, anyway)
death and poverty and a silent relinquishing cage of liquifying bones
has become the heirarchy of beautiful.

Boys heap food in their mouth. They forget to chew.
Their pants fall down below their waistlines.
If they do not trip over their feet and hemlines
when they walk,
it would be their good luck.
Girls tell them this is cool. That is said
with giggling flashing eyelids. Otherwise, it is considered more of a lie
than it usually is.

Coming back
a girl whispers coquettish kisses
to a boy who isn't listening.
He is showing off his Grecian nose.
Rumor has it that Grecian nose has been
pressing its pink surface to white angel dust that has nothing to do with

Maybe it is time
I admit to myself
that I am afraid of children
my age.