Author's notes: Yes, I changed Tristan's name. In the original, it was Tristan, but we changed it, so I'm changing it back as not to conflict with 'Dearly Beloved'.

Tristan flinched as he heard the glass shatter downstairs and quickly pulled his clothes on. He'd had enough. No more. He shoved everything he could into a garbage bag, finding an extra suitcase and emptying his clothes into it, opening his bedroom door. He could hear his father's shouts downstairs and flinched, closing his eyes as he walked slowly down the stairs, trying to make as little noise as possible.

He had almost made it to the door when he heard it.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going, Princess?" Tristan's father slurred, grabbing his arm and yanking him back. Tristan cried out in pain, feeling his arm bend against the joint.

"Let go of me!" He shouted, struggling. His cries of pain were cut short when his father's fist found its way into Tristan's jaw. Tristan whimpered, tears stinging at his eyes. He had to get out. Now. He drove his knee into the man's groin and yanked himself away, pulling his coat and shoes on and running down the sidewalk, clutching his suitcase and the bag, wind whipping at his face. His jaw throbbed painfully, but none of it mattered. He was free.

He made it to his best friend's house and rang the doorbell, shivering. Perry answered the door, half asleep and blinking at him. "...Tristan?"

He could hear the sounds of Perry's parents upstairs, yelling down to send whoever the hell it was home and reminding him that it was 2 in the morning. "I need a place to stay.." He said quietly.

Perry nodded and helped him inside. It wasn't until the door closed that Tristan finally collapsed into his friend's arms, sobbing. Perry frowned and stroked his hair.

"Shh.. It's alright, c'mon. You need to get some sleep.. I'll explain to Mom and Dad in the morning.. we'll figure something out."

Tristan nodded and followed him obediently to the bedroom. Before Perry had a chance to say anything else, Tristan had curled up on Perry's bed and fallen fast asleep. Perry smiled faintly and covered him with a blanket, lying on the other side of the bed, kissing his cheek. "Good night, Tristan."

Chapter One -

It was a bright, sunny day... of course, not much else was expected of Southern California, and as it got closer and closer to Spring Break, there was less and less on the student's minds. The Advanced Math students were either chatting, or listening to the radio while the teacher marked papers in hope of actually getting a break this year. One of the girls squealed as an upbeat rock song came on the radio, and she reached over, turning it up. "I love this song!"

Her friend nodded her agreement. "They're all so hot! I love Suburban Midnight.. Plus, they're coming here on Saturday!"

"I tried to camp out for tickets.. but mom wouldn't let me.."

Kieran rolled his eyes and went back to his homework. Teenyboppers. Ugh. He heard enough about all that boy band crap from his sister Vanessa. And apparently it was spreading to the older girls too. "Just my luck..." he muttered, chewing on the end of his pencil and trying to figure out just what (7x-21y+8xy)-z/5xyz had to do with his life.

The song was catchy as hell, and even some of the more masculine of the men in the class admitted that the song was pretty cool, even if 'it was by a pansy-ass boy band'. The two girls in front of him continued chattering about the band.

" god. Tristan's so gorgeous." She giggled. "Do you think if I found out what room he was in, I could go there.. and he would so totally fall for me right there."

Kieran snorted. "Fat chance..."

"You're dreaming, Sam." Her friend shook her head and pulled out a magazine with Suburban Midnight on the front.

Kieran's eyes widened when he saw the picture of the guys in the band. They really WERE gorgeous. All four of them. Especially the blonde.

Perry, the guitarist, was tall, with short red hair and a devil-may-care grin. He had bright green eyes that seemed to sparkle, even on the glossy page of the magazine. Jake, the bassist, had dark hair, and blue eyes, and he seemed more serious. In the back was the drummer, Ian, who wasn't single, but still lusted after. He had dusty brown hair, blue eyes, and glasses. However, as is the case with most bands, the lead singer Tristan was the object of most girls' affection, with spiky blonde hair tipped with blue highlights, an eyebrow piercing, and blue eyes.

Kieran couldn't help but stare. He'd always been a sucker for blondes, not to mention pierced, dyed blondes. But this guy was a singer too! Oh, joy of joys. It was instant infatuation. Just add water.

The song switched off of the radio, and the deejay's voice replaced it. "Hey, that was Suburban Midnight, and if you haven't heard already, the boys are going to be dropping by our neck of the woods.. Looking for tickets?" The two girls in front of Kieran nodded, and slumped when the deejay continued. "Well, they sold out! So if you want to win tickets, call- -"

By the time the first number was spoken, the girls had launched themselves at the phone, dialing frantically.

Kieran sighed, shaking his head. He probably wouldn't even like their music anyway. Of course, that song on the radio hadn't been bad, but they could've just gotten lucky with their first single.

There was a collective cheer from the class as the school bell rang, and the two girls sighed, hanging up the phone and packing up their things.

"Have a good break, you guys." The teacher called from under his mountain of paperwork.

Kieran's sister, Vanessa caught him outside of the classroom. "Kieran, Mom said you had to give me a ride home because she has to stay late at work."

Kieran sighed dramatically. "Fine, but don't change the channel on the radio or I'll break your fingers."

"Oh, you're such a drama queen... It's not my fault you listen to crap." She shrugged and followed him outside, sighing happily. "Spring break! I can't wait til Saturday!"

"You're the one listening to all that bubblegum pop crap. You wouldn't know real music if it bit you on the ass." He got his keys out and headed for his car. He'd been told he had a good singing voice himself, and had been trying to get a band together. So far, no luck.

"I do too!" Vanessa put one hand on her hip. "Suburban Midnight is good music! Even mom likes them.. She's taking me to the concert."

"Mom got tickets? But they're sold out."

"Mom knew someone at the radio station and scored front row seats."

Kieran squeaked. "Front row seats? Are you serious?!" Oh, to be that close to that gorgeous blonde Adonis. Kieran got starry-eyed at the thought.

Vanessa beamed proudly and nodded, climbing into Kieran's car, tossing her backpack into the back seat. "Yep! I get to be really close to Jake!" Vanessa got starry-eyed at the thought.

Kieran got into the front seat and cranked the car. "Well maybe I can still win tickets. Who's Jake?"

She stared at him like he was an idiot. "... Who's Jake?" She repeated, as if he had just asked her who the First President of the United States of America was. "Oh my god, he's so cute! He's the bassist, and he's got these really pretty eyes.. " A lovesick grin found its way on her face.

"Oh my lord... you know their names?!"

"Duh." Vanessa rolled her eyes. "And Jake was born on May 13th..And he likes strawberry ice cream... and hates liars."

"That just sad, Vanny." He turned the radio up and headed home. It was always set to a punk station.

She shrugged and rolled her eyes, obviously itching to change the station. "I know about the others, too. But Jake's the cutest."

"Which one is he?"

Vanessa pulled out a magazine clipping of the group from her pocket, showing it to him. "See the cute one?"

"The blonde?"

"Ugh. No. That's Tristan. " She pointed Jake out. "There. Him."

"Tristan's way hotter."

"Whatever." Vanessa grabbed her bag and walked into the house. Kieran's mother, Angela, was in the kitchen, chopping up things for dinner.

"Kieran? Is that you?" Angela called out, looking frazzled.

"Yeah." He poked his head into the kitchen. "Need something?"

"Dinner's in the fridge, you can just put it in the oven when you get hungry." She closed the fridge door. "Oh.. and are you busy Saturday?"

"No... why?"

"I have a meeting with a client on Saturday night.. Can you take Vanessa to her concert? I don't want her going alone."

"What!?" Vanessa stared, aghast. "But he'll just complain the whole time." His eyes widened again. "The.. the Suburban Midnight concert?"

"Yes.. I know it's not your kind of music, dear.. but could you please take your sister? She's really been looking forward to it." Angela wiped her hands on a dishtowel and sighed.


Angela and Vanessa stared at him in surprise, both raising an eyebrow.

"...what? Their music isn't all that bad..."

Angela kissed each of them on the cheek. "Well, I have to run, kids... I'll see you tomorrow morning.." She rushed out of the house. A moment later, there was the sound of a car speeding off and then nothing. Vanessa sighed.

"At least I'm going to the concert."

"Me too... front row seats... wow... I need to pick out something to wear!" And with that, he was gone, having zoomed up the stairs to his room.


Tristan sighed, looking out the window of the bus as it sped down the highway. He still wasn't sure if he liked being famous or not.. He was singing, and he was away from his family, and that was the most important thing. It'd been three years since he had seen them, and he had no intent of going back. Ever.

Perry flopped down beside him, grinning and offering him a sandwich. Tristan looked over, blinking. "Oh.. thanks."

"Cal-i-forn-i-ay!" He whooped. "Girls in bikinis.. or maybe not even bikinis.. are there nude beaches in California?"

Ian looked hopeful. Jake rolled his eyes. "It's California, Perry. Not France."

Perry shrugged and bit into his sandwich. "Ah, well there's always hotel room porno. Who's up for it? Ian can't, because he's an old married man. Just us three bachelors left..." For a moment, his grin disappeared, and he looked at Jake with a glance that was almost wistful. Tristan wasn't even listening at the moment, halfheartedly picking at the sandwich.

Ian whapped him in the head. "I'm not married, you dumbass. I'm just the only one of us who can get and keep a girlfriend. Jealous?"

"I don't need to keep a girlfriend." Perry retorted, ducking out of Jake's reach. "Not when I had a pair of twins in the last city. Besides, I just broke up with Amanda.. " 'Or she just dumped me..' He thought, sighing.

Jake snorted. "Yeah, some loss there, Perry."

"Guys, just knock it off." Tristan murmured quietly. "I'm going to bed." He stood up and walked to the bunk room, climbing into bed and burying his face in the pillow.

Ian blinked. "What's with him?"

Perry shook his head. "I think he's just got cabin fever

Ian looked at the clock. "Ack, it's late. I need to go bed too." He headed to his bunk. "It's times like this I miss Kate..."

Jake shrugged. "Looks like it's just you and me, Perry."

"I guess so." Perry opened a can of pop, draping his lithe body across the couch on the bus, looking over at him now and then.

"Want to play some video games or something?"

"No.. I'm just gonna get some shut-eye.. Night, Jake." He walked into the back and climbed onto the top bunk above Jake's bed, sighing and closing his eyes.

Jake blinked. Perry rarely turned down an opportunity to kick Jake's ass at video games. He shrugged, figuring he was just tired and decided to join his bandmates in dreamworld, climbing into his bunk.