Did I believe in Love?

Did I believe in passion?

Did I break your heart?

In that old fashion?

Sorry, dear boy

I said I hated Love

But did you really believe me?

This angel from above?

You heard me sang

And said I was cute

But did you really say it?

When your voice is mute?

You were the heartbreaker

But it was opposite this time

But, look what you've done to me!

You also made me rhyme

My friends were crying

Because of your cold, cold heart

Yeah, you were the coolest

But you set your friends apart

I never really met a person

With a cold heart as yours

And if we ever get married

I wouldn't mind if we get divorced

I heard I was your next victim

But it was just opposite

You became my victim

And you were the perfect fit

Did it hurt?

That I broke your heart?

Or did it hurt?

That everyone wants you to part?

Were you embarrassed?

Like the other girls that cried

But sorry, my love

I really did lied,

I'm not a fool

You are!

And I couldnt believe it

That I've come this far

Even though I've hurt you

I wouldn't be a heartbreaker

And I wouldn't be

A follower or a Leader...


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