Okay, this is a poem on a serious issue. And becuase of that, I want to try and make my feeligns known and clear up some things right away. I have very very strong feeligns about war. I am against it. With all my heart. but I realise that oit is not just a simple issue. I am not trying to pain it up as black and white, figfht or dont. its not that simple. And when i rfer to meaningless things, udnerstand that that is not in reference to the lives of people who have been lost surrounding the whoel ordeal. meanigless thigns woudl be up there with, money and such. But im not syaing this war is only about money. I realise that people who go to war have strong feelings to, and that most have only the purest of intentions. I think the the whole issue of war is wrong. The cause may be noble, but the way in which we strive to achieve it is terrible, and destructive, and perhaps instinctive. But I have always believed that as humans, we have more choice. We may want to do something instinctively but we have the ability to sit back (most of the time) and stop or continue based on issues of right and wrong. This peom is in referece to a war that might very well happen. And i'm sorry, i just dont believe that everyone involved is just being patriotic or trying to help anyone but themselves. I do believe that alot of people of course are fighting for the right reaosn only the fighting iotself is wrong. please, do not to offense to my words. Just try and understand thm. You dont even have to agree, just contemplate them, thats all i ask. And please do not take offense, this is not meant to attack anyone for their bleiefs, its simply expressing a belief that disagrees with another one. Okay?