wHy does wAr exisT evEn now
My child was born crying,
just like every other child,
and so you'll pay her no mind.
But I will,
and I know why she cries.
She will inherit the future,
perhaps it will be nothing,
or perhaps it will be a new world,
with oceans (of tears)
and earth (the very dust of dead men, her father.)
(Poison) Clouds,
and (sick) rain.
the very air itself, the air she breathes, vile,
Or will their hateful fight claim her?
OUR hateful fight.
As it moves on towards one target,
it destroys all else in pursuit,
leaving scars so deep the eartyh itself will die,
all else, in or around its path.
Was she born only to die?
And only for the intentions of greedy men,
who will encourage the destruction of all things of value,
some go in pursuit of good intentions some for the meaningless things they believe would fill their empty lives,
things that will be more meaningless in the end,
And at the expense of righteous men, who fight for somethng more,
who suffer, bleed and die for something more,
but earn nothing,
but to suffer to bleed and to die.
Hatred is so easy,
Painful, but easy
even if forgiveness is impossible
know that every weapon raised against the beast,
adds to its strength,
to fight it is to feed it,
to become one with it,
good intentions twisted,
our anger becomes part of its arsenal,
we must starve it,
and it feeds off hate and the actions it will breed,
the only way to kill it is to let it die,
or do we die,
or let our children die,
drifting off to slumber after each prayer,
now we lay them
down to rest,
crying that we did our best,
but everything we did was wrong...