The Asylum of the Damned Presents...


In a faraway galaxy in a faraway time, there lay a small blue and green planet in the depths of space. Mankind soon discovered this planet, abundant with life and sporting its own primitive life forms with a dazzling potential for incredible intellect, much as humans were in Earth's stone age, and those inhabitants were quickly raised into beings of reason, intellect, and culture.


A Production of the Damned Original Feature....


Mankind left the planet, "X," after a brief stay, leaving the Xians to fend for themselves.

The destiny of the Xians, however, would not lie entirely in their own hands....


Inspired by the works of Hideo Kojima, Gunpei Yokoi, and George Lucas...


The Xian Nondel Populas rescued his co-pilot Simui Latoor from the clutches of the feared galactic warlord, Deth. Nondel was praised as a global hero upon his return with Simui, and his tale of barely averting the terrible demise of X captivated the entire planet.

Two months later...




Life had never been the same for Nondel since that fateful day two months ago. Once he was able to walk down any street with complete anonymity, and today he was always surrounded by fellow Xians of all ages. They cheered him. They asked him questions. They thanked him. It eventually began to grate on Nondel's nerves so much that he found himself having to fake an appearance on the other side of the city in order to get where he was going with his sanity intact. He and Simui had hardly spoken to each other since their return to X. They would occasionally walk by each other in the hallways of the central X Global Military headquarters, but they would only exchange no more than a wave or smile, just like they always had in the past. Despite Nondel's heroics two months ago and his newfound celebrity status, nothing had changed between them. They were friends, just as they had always been, and neither felt like changing it.

Assignment after assignment flew past Nondel, but there was never another one quite like that epic adventure. And not a single day went by without Nondel being constantly subjected to everyone's eyes- in person, radio, television, and in any medium possible. They all listened to what he had to say, and they took it as the word of God. Nondel always grinned at the prospect of asking his public if they would jump off a bridge if he did, guessing that, in any case, he would always be the last one to jump.

For Nondel, life was indeed not the same. Nor would it ever be, knowing whom he had crossed...


The showl Nondel wore around himself cloaked his face completely, it even darkened his spikey, bright green hair. No longer could he get any quiet at his own home, so he decided to mask himself as best he could and make for a cafe down the street. The dusky red fabric was not the most pleasant thing to have rubbing up against the back of his neck and the long hair at his shoulders, but anything was more bearable than his popularity. Nondel had to adjust his neck so that the shadow of his cloak obscured his face as a thin waitress strolled by the table. "Ready to order?" she asked testily, playing with a long curl of her thin green hair, her mind hardly occupied with her job.

"Just a coke," Nondel mutter hoarsely, trying his best to immitate Bloq's voice, however much it had changed in his memory since their bloody battle.

"Just a coke?" The waitress asked skeptically. "Fine, not a big spender," she muttered, scribbling quickly in her notebook before disappearing again. Nondel stared at the table, then looked around the diner. Everyone else was going about their business, completely unnoticing of their celebrity-savior in their midst.

Nondel's use of Bloq's voice had become a sanity-saver to him. Ever since he was forced to immitate the bulky general's unique vocal cord configuration on Deth Sattelite Ninteen, he had used it over and over again with his showl whenever he wanted to remain anonymous in public. However, it always made Nondel wonder what was happening with the criminal that made him famous...

Nondel's daydreaming was suddenly interrupted when the waitress returned with a tall, fizzing glass of coke. "Cash or credit?" the waitress asked impatiently.

Nondel was careful enough not to let himself answer, allowing himself only to reach into his pocket and dig out his wallet. Taking out a thin, small silver card, Nondel handed it to the waitress. The waitress brandished a small device in her hand, plugging Nondel's card into the middle. "Wait a minute," the waitress muttered suddenly, "This card is registered to Nondel Populas!"

At the mention of his name, the chattings amongst the partrons of the cafe were immediately silent. All of their eyes were locked on Nondel's table. Nondel worriedly darted his eyes about the diner, never noticing the waitress reach for Nondel's showl. Within the blink of an eye, Nondel was revealed, and then a gasp of awe and surprise was as well. And then, the expected and inevitable happened.

"What was it like in Deth Fortress?"

"How'd you get past them?"

The questions, Nondel's mind groaned in agony, dear God, not the questions!

"Was it scary at all?"

"How'd you survive?"

"Does Deth really have a fake eye?"

"How'd you ever get into Deth Fortress?"

"Don't expect it to last for long."

That last one muttered statement caught Nondel's ear above all the others. Nondel looked to the source of the voice and saw a black-haired Xian, with long hair spiked wildly upwards, sitting down a few tables in front of him, calmly sipping a coffee. Putting his emptied mug down, the Xian wiped his lips with his sleeve, displaying a hard face of seriousness. Standing up, the two Xian's eyes met only for a second before the black-haired stranger walked out of the cafe.

Nondel could not exactly remember where, but as the crowd around him began to grow and become noisier, he could have sworn that he had seen that Xian somewhere else before...