The REAL Epilogue

Nondel opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was the overjoyed face of Simui. "General Rion! Doctor Kamon! He's awake!" She cheered.

Nondel groaned, and suddenly realized he was lying down. As soon as he tried to sit up, a sharp pain in his tailbone forced him back down. "Hey, go easy, Nondel," Simui said, helping Nondel down again. Grabbing a small glass from the counter beside his head, Simui asked, "Thirsty?"

Nondel managed a weak yes as Simui guided the glass to his lips. As soon as he had finished, Rion and the slender Kamon were in the room with them. "Glad to see you're all right, said Rion, "more or less."

Nondel moaned loudly. "What happened?"

"You stole one of Deth's fighter crafts and crashed straight vertical at mach two, that's what," said Kamon, ruffling his fluffly blonde hair. "Remarkable machine," he muttered, "No one would ever believe it. If you did that in one of ours, you'd have been killed instantly."

Nondel grimaced as he moaned. "Is everything all right?" he asked, "how badly injured am I?"

"You suffered a tailbone fracture, a torn ACL, cartiledge tear in both your knees, and a pretty heavy concussion," said Kamon, "I've already operated on you, so that'll take a month to heal up, and you'll be suffering from post-concussion syndrome for about three months."

Suddenly, Nondel remembered. "Xslav!" he gasped as he sat up, and then Nondel snarled in agony, with Simui resting him back down again.

"Xslav is all right," said Kamon. "He's suffering from mild post-oxygen deprivation sydrome. He ought to be fine in two months."

Nondel breathed a heavy sigh of relief. "What happened to Deth?" Nondel asked.

"We're still fighting him as we speak," said Rion. "He's really hammering us, though, but we're taking out a pretty hefty chunk of his armada as well."

"How long have I been out?" Nondel asked.

"Two days," said Simui, "We're expecting to finish with Deth by tomorrow. But what's going to be left of us..." Simui trailed off with nervousness.

"Hey, don't worry, Simui," said Nondel with a grin, "When was the last time I let you down...?"