Hold on to Me

Hands gripping a grey cliff.


Sliding to oblivion

As my fingers weaken.

I see your face

You stare at me, helpless.

"Help me" I mouth

But you don't understand...

I dig my feet into a crevice.

Try to hold on.

Try to outlast, try to cling

Cling until you save me.

'Till you see the panic in my eyes

'Till you dare to reach out

But the edge is crumbling

And you still don't see...

Now I'm falling...


Falling to death

To oblivion

To despair.

And all I can do is scream


And now you understand.

But I'm out of reach

To deep in


-San Carpenter

(A/N: I'm considering re-writing this with a happy ending. Tell me what you think!)