Dancer and Hidden

Black butterfly

A twinkle in my eye

The despairing joy

Of a child, so coy,

Dancing on the sun.

Love's a game

You cry for fame

While hiding from the world.

But in the Dark

I see the Light

A glimmer in the night.

You cry for me

I laugh at you

Life can't play this game.

And my dearest friends

Won't cross the fence

To my reality.

Caught in a dream

Nancing on the sun

Beyond Me, Myself, or I.

Where Hate is Love

And Love is Life

And Life impossible.

The Light can't catch me

The Dark don't want to

And Evil's just a game

Good's a joke

And the Grey Line's broke

Isn't Insanity fun?

While you cry for fame

Just hiding from the world

I'm dancing on the sun.

And the whole world hates me

And that's how I like it

'Cause that's the way I am.

-San Carpenter

(A/N: There was originally more, but I decided that I don't like it. Please reveiw, it makes me nance through the house! ^*^ 'Tis fun!)