You need a perfect score on that test
Make sure you get those straight A's
First place for always being best
And forget about trying to stray

Don't forget to say please and thank you
You are worried about messing up
Not being able to come through
Breaking just like a paper cup

And you're falling down like a wild man
Don't worry about the dance of death
You run the race- fast as you can
Forget to take that extra breath

Don't say a word- you must stay quiet
Never correct me when I'm wrong
Afraid to start up a riot
Release yourself from religious songs

Author's Note: Dedicated to that boy I like. He's just a little perfect for me. (This is originally a song. The chorus went, " Why do you think everything you do is bad/You're so perfect and you're always right/Everytime I do something wrong, you look so sad/You're too perfect, I can't stand the sight/You're just to per-er-er-er-er-er-er-fect.")