By:Andrew Troy Keller

For some,desire
Could sometimes be for hire.
But,for others,desire
Is something you could never retire.

Desire is not something to be found by you.
Desire is something that finds you.
And suddenly,like a dove,
One could find true love,
For desire has found you.

Desire has found Joe Nashwood,
The nicest cop in the nieghborhood.
Then,without warning,
A car had came slamming
Through the nieghborhood.

Joe had,then,used his car
As a stopping bar,
In order to halt
The rocket-powered,rolling catapult.
And then,Joe had gotten out of his car.

He had walked over to the other car.
But,he was suddenly shocked,by far.
Her name was Stacy McHunt,
A driver,who was famous for doing stunts.
She asked,"Is there something wrong,Officer?"

But,after that
No other words had came off the top of Joe's hat.
As a matter of fact,
There were no other words after that.

The reason why,
Was that they had stared at each other's eyes.
Thanks to one of desire's doves,
They had suddenly found true love.
And,they've found it in each other's eyes.

The name of a certain love doctor is Desire,
And so far,Desire has not yet retired.