Sleep The Day Away

Sleep & Rain
are syllables to me.
And may well be for
you too.

The sound, the cold,
the utter dreariness
of it. Its makes me
want to curl up and escape.

I have been through
two floods, will
today make a third?
Will it perhaps kill me today?

A slow and steady rain,
day after day, after day.
What to do? Where to
go? Who to see?

When will it stop?
Seven days of slow
and steady rain.
Seven days of sleep.

Don't want to go,
Don't want to do,
Don't want to see,
Just want to sleep the day away.

If I could pick a place
to live where weather is
for sure, and not random.
I would pick my dwelling
place over looking the city
of Cairo.

I do much better in heat,
I'm awake, alive and doing.
no winters for me, thank you
very much!

I love wolves and cats and
purple. All royal beings they
are. Wolves are kings of
the hunt and night.
Cats guard the gate
of the underworld,
and Purple is power,
is the royal majesty
color alone.

If I could be a cat,
I would pick an ancient
Egyptian. Revered and
given all my dues.

If I could pick a pack,
the white wolf is my mother,
Majestic and serene and deadly.

If I could pick a spectrum,
the merging of blue and red.
The only place for me,
would be the royal
crowns bed.

But here I am, stuck
in Texas on November 4,
2002. And all I see is grey.

Grey clouds, grey skies,
and more is on the way.

So I'll just close my
eyes, and sleep the day
away, and maybe I'll
be transported to a
different age and time.

For more rain is on the
way, means more sleep
and more dreams,
and maybe, just maybe,
my dreams will come true.